is it healthy to replace dinner with oatmeal?

  1. Just wondering, would it be healthier to switch to oatmeal as a replacement for dinner and keep the other 2 meals per normal?

    Trying to lose a few pounds and i thought oatmeal is healthier

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. I'm not an expert at all, but I think it would be a nutritious meal if you add some protein and a little bit of fat (ugh!) to it too. I think all meals should consist of protein, fat and complex carbohydrates. If you add a piece of fruit and some milk it should be a good meal, but that's only my impression. Others may be more enlightened than me. At any rate, it's the kind of dinner I would enjoy!
  3. what kind of oatmeal are you talking about?
    If its the instand kind then forget about it that stuff is crap and is not that good for you.

    And leelee was right when she said that it would be much better to add some protein to it like protein powder or 4 or 5 egg whites. But then its like a breakfast meal so it doesnt really matter when you are eating it :smile:
  4. Oh yeah eat more times a day like instead of 3 make it 5 or 6. This will kick up your metabolism
  5. In my opinion oatmeal is a very healthy meal whenever you eat it and its way better than eating cereal instead. It helps you to reduce cholesterol, provides calcium and vitamins and helps you to reduce blood presure. Make sure you make your own oatmeal and not use the premade one that is usually very sweet. Or you can try the weight control quaker oats. I do substitute dinner with oatmeal, 1% milk and a banana when I had a heavy lunch. Only three grams of fat per serving too so it will definetly help you to loose weigh.

    From where do the calories come in a serving of oatmeal?[​IMG]
    # Grams Calories/Gram
    Total Calories​
    Complex Carbohydrates
    Simple Carbohydrates
  6. oatmeal would be a fine meal replacement for a traditional dinner as long as you make it a meal - like leelee said, add some milk and a piece of fruit.
  7. I don't see why it has to be a replacement. Your dinner will be oatmeal. I put a little peanut butter in my oatmeal and a small amount fills me up and I think it's healthy. I can't eat it every day though.
  8. Sure, but I wouldn't do for it more then a couple of weeks. I mean wouldn't you get sick of oatmeal? I can't eat that stuff.. reminds me of baby food.
  9. I do oatmeal as a meal ALL the time..It fills me up fast..My old personal trainer used to tell me it was a great filler....
  10. ^ITA

    Its just hard for me to eat it during the hot AZ summer, though...too heavy and hot.
  11. yeah, I have trouble eating it in the summer too.
  12. Oatmeal is excellent... and yes, you should cook your own stell cut McCann's Irish Oats for an hour to get the real benefit... Oatmeal actually is protein.. you don't need to add anything...although I highly recommend some blueberries, walnuts and agave nectar (low glycemic... absolutely AWESOME)
  13. quaker weight control is fantastic- 7g protein and 6g fiber per packet, which is pretty hard to beat. it's super filling, sugar free and tastes great!
  14. Try steel cut oats. Very good for weight loss!
  15. I do this too. :yes: I really like oatmeal and have been eating it for years so its not like I'm subsituting it for something else. Sometimes I just want a bowl of oatmeal.