Is it harder to walk in heels when you gain weight?

  1. I love heels...I think I was born in them.....and I have been wearing heels since......I was like maybe 17...

    So I am a master in heels...I can even easily run a mile in 4 inch heels.......But lately I am feeling that it's getting harder..maybe......

    Is it because I am getting old....(I am not even 30 yet!)? or I am putting on weight? (I have gained a little more than 20lbs. in last 3 years due to my thyroid problem...sad..huh)

    I can never depart with my heels.......but i feel that it's getting harder to walk in them...

    DO you guys think it can be my weight?
  2. Could be the weight. It was more difficult for me to walk in heels when I was pregnant. :shrugs:

    Are you taking meds for your thyroid? My mom did and while she was never big she lost about 10 lbs when she got on the meds!
  3. Another thing is as we grow older, we lose the "padding" on the bottom of our feet. It loses its density, and as a result wearing heels isn't as comfortable. That's why some women resort to injecting fat or collagen into the balls of their feet to restore that cushion. I also used to wear heels all the time and now I'm wearing kitten heels instead.
  4. I was on Thythiroid or something for a while and my hormone level was normal for couple month...and I lost some weight during that period but that they found some benyne nodules in my thyroid and there were some the doctor got me off the meds.....

    It's a complicated story..but I am glad that your mom's doing good......

    I wish I get better soon.... TOO! :smile:
  5. Kitten Heels are really cute, too!

    I cannot imagine injecting fat or collagen into my feet(IMO)....ouch! Maybe gelly like shoe pads are alternatives to that?
  6. I've noticed that I can't take the stiletto skinny heels much anymore since I have gained weight. I still wear most normal high heels with no problems but carrying more weight in them makes my feet hurt a lot sooner than it used to. But I will never give up wearing heels! Just focus mre on the cushioning (or add your own) and the thickness of the heel to support the weight better and you'll be fine.
  7. Weight could be a factor-because you're supporting a lot of it on a pretty small surface area.
  8. you know, i was never sure why i was having more difficult wearing heels nowadays. i thought maybe b/c throughout college i opted to wear flats all the time. but i think my weight DID become a factor also. i hope you get better rayray. =) since i'm done with school now my goal is to lose the weight i gained. it's not gonna be fun but hopefully it'll help me wear my CL's more comfortably!
  9. Good luck with your weight loss plan, ikaemallz! My Thyroid Hormone level is going back to normal and so is my metabolism, I am going to try my best to lose my weight.......I don't think it's going to be fun for me either but I wanna fit comfortably into my heels, too and my jeans! Let me know how it goes! and GOOD LUCK! :smile:
  10. i personally think its more of the cushioning though the weight can be a factor as well. i've lost a lot of weight in the past year and a half, but it hurts more to wear heels now than ever...i think my feet just need a break and need more cushioning!