Is it hard to sell on ebay???

  1. I am contemplating selling one of my bags and I was just wondering if it was difficult??
  2. I think it depends on what you are selling, if the item is "in" now or not, the price & also the condition of the bag. Good luck
  3. It is hard, these days to make money on ebay. If you go into it, and are willing to expect a reasonable price not near retail, then of course it will sell. But the items that will make lots of money above list price are very few and far between

    Put a clear description, take some good piccies, and pitch it at the right price and an item should sell. Best of luck with it :biggrin:
  4. If you're just starting out, Ebay will be really hard to sell your bags. These days to sell bags you have to have good feedback with a good reputation of selling authentic bags. People are used to the scammers having really low feedback, and no bag selling experience.
  5. ^^^Not always. Sometimes an individual will sell a personal item that is legit. If I see that the person only has a few items and has at least SOME feedback, I'll give them a shot. I did that once on a Prada bag it is absolutely 100% authentic. My SA at my local Prada source was even mad at me for not getting it from him when he looked at it!!
  6. There is always an exception. I bought an authentic LV Cabas Piano for $300 because they were a new seller.
  7. What the above are indicating is that you will have more success and probably get a better price if you have some feedback behind you. Do you also buy on eBay? That, and selling off some household items, is a good way to build up some feedback.
  8. I think it depends on the demand most of all.
  9. Do some research on the completing listings of your bag to get a fair idea of price. Put really good pics and anything else you can include for authenticity (i.e. original receipt with info blacked out, authenticity cards if applicable, etc.). big letters encourage anyone with questions to ask and indicate you're willing to email more pics, etc. It makes you seem approachable which is always good.
    I've bought several authentic LV purses from people cleaning their closets...and had no problems.