is it hard to get Re-Magenta?

  1. i saw many people want to get re-magenta no matter what styles and i'm the one too. how can i get it? could u give any suggestions? thanks:sweatdrop:
  2. i think the best thing to do is either go on the waitlist or pre order them and pay for them first. Call your SA or balenciaga and find out!!! i am actually MORE interested in the BG pink!!! magenta is a little too bright for me!!! i am soooo exctied for the new colors!!:wlae:
  3. i heard that it would be sold only in newyork. is that right?
  4. Nope, that is not right, I live in WA state, so they sold it to everyone.
  5. Depends if you are talking about the LE MAGENTA of 07 or the Magenta for ss08. The LE Magenta was sold only from NY Balenciaga but anyone could order it. The ss08 Magenta will be available pretty much worldwide!