Is it hard to get on a list in Paris?

  1. My sister is going to Paris in June and again in September and October. She has offered to go to the Hermes store and try to buy a bag for me, or to try to get my name on a list. Is this hard? Is there a secret password? I have read all the Paris threads and posts, and while I "get" that it is somewhat easier to buy a bag off the shelf (or in the back) there, since they are in better supply, I am still not clear on how the wait list thing works there, assuming what you are looking for is not presently in the store.

    I have four Hermes bags now (and am wish-listed or however they are languaging it now, for two more) so if the answer is, "forget it", I understand, I am fine with that. Its just that, I cant pass up my sister's offer and the possible opportunity, but I dont want to send her on a wild goose chase either.
  2. I don't know if they even have a "list" b/c when I was there in Jan there were birkins in the store almost every day. Just go and try your luck.
  3. I have never dealt with a list or have been told that one exists. It's luck, timing, karma, and all that...!
    I would give your sister a list of bags you might be interested in and then see what she is able to do...
  4. List with pictures would probably be helpful as well so she could recognise the leather types and different hardware colors... (I know nothing about Birkens other than what I read here on the forum, but pics are always useful and beautiful to look at!)