Is it hard/harder to get pregnant at 30? Or 35?

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  1. I started trying alone at 30,5 without any luck after 5 IUI. Thrn again 3 months before I turned 33 with luck the 2nd time. Although we count it as the first try, as I have a closed ovarie.
  2. For me, i think it is difficult to be pregnant after 35. Despite having unprotected sex during ovulation day, i am still not pregnant. Oh well...
  3. I had the same issue... Finally, I went to see a true fertility specialist rather than a regular OBGYN. It made a world of difference. I also learned that many of the over the counter ovulation kits are grossly inaccurate. It is also best to check ovulation levels levels through bloodwork, not merely through urinalysis. If you aren't already seeing a fertility specialist, please consult one if you want to get pregnant. Best of luck!
  4. DH and I stopped avoiding pregnancy and I got pregnant the following month. Just turned 33. I also haven't been on BC since 2011, and my cycles were super regular.
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  5. It all depends. At 32 it took me 6 months to get pregnant with my 1st. At 35 took about 2-3 months with my 2nd. And at 38 I got pregnant the first month off birth control.
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  6. It is so different for everyone. There are women who conceive in their late 40s, and some who can't in their 20s. I conceived my son in one month at 31. We're going to start trying for a second when I'm 34. I hope it is at easy! Although in America, once you conceive over 35, the fetus gets tested for more genetic problems.
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  7. Yes if you're 35 or will be 35 by your due date you will be considered AMA (Advanced Maternal Age) On the plus side you'll get the gender around 10 weeks or so from the genetic testing.
  8. I also think that it doesn't matter at what age you got pregnant. My husband and I tried 5 years. Many different diagnostic tests passed, but it did not help. Then we decided to do an IVF. I was looking for a clinic in the US and Europe, and I accidentally found the site of an international fertilization center, where you would think? In Ukraine! Here is their official site, if it can help someone to get pregnant:
    We had several attempts. From the third time, I got pregnant. I was 34 years old at the time. And this is an indescribable feeling! I don’t know if we will be able to become parents again, but the doctors gave us our firstborn baby - and this is such happiness!
    Girls give birth at any age!
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  9. Hello everyone :smile:

    I had no problem getting pregnant right away at 35 last year, but no one has mentioned yet that in your 30’s your chances for twins increases dramatically.

    We ended up with surprise twins who are now 4 months old and perfect.
  10. I have never heard thid before. Where have you heard it? It is very interesting.

    Congrats on your twins. My son is 3,5 months old
  11. Our babies are just about the same age :smile:

    Yeah, as you age your body is more likely to release two eggs in a cycle and you have a greater possibility of having twins.
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  12. That's exactly what happened to me. I was like the poster child for the checklist... mid thirties, just off birth control, tall-ish, chubby... My twins just turned one.
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  13. Im pregnant now and 36, This is my 2nd child and literally took 1 month to conceive. I am considered high risk do to my "advanced gestational age" and im getting a few more checks and had some extra blood work looking for abnormalities but 19 weeks and so far so good.
  14. I am 33 and first time pregnant in 8 weeks :smile: It took us not even more than 4 months. I think it depends on your body.
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  15. Getting pregnant for me is not hard, but, instead, the complications.

    A few years back, I missed my period and when I had my pt, I found out I was pregnant. But when I went to the doctor to get an ultrasound, we found out that the baby isn't growing and there's no heartbeat.

    Last year, I got pregnant once again and this time, he had a heartbeat but turned out smaller every time we had the ultrasound. When I gave birth to my son Aidan, we found out that he had Trisomy 18 and unfortunately, he didn't make it.

    Also, during my pregnancy, I find it quite difficult to carry this time around with so much complications before and after birth.