Is it hard/harder to get pregnant at 30? Or 35?

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  1. Every women is different. I have a friend that is trying for nearly 2 years and nothing (35 years old) I have the same age and I get pregnant in the first month. I have a problem with thyroides and until the doctor give me green light to try to conceive I didn't tried before.
  2. I can't speak on 30 bc I wasn't TTC at 30. I tried at 34 and at 35 had my DD.

    I will say this tho: I come from a very fertile family: my Sister, my mother and even my mother's mother! My grand mother had my mom in her 40s! I think the fertile gene skipped me or perhaps I didn't try hard enough. Who knows really...
  3. I got pregnant at 29 almost 30 and then had my 2nd was 33 almost 34. The 2nd time was easier than my first.
  4. Well it really depends on the condition of your body. As long as there are no issues that needs to be addressed first then getting pregnant at this age is still ok. I had my youngest at the age of 35, my sister inlaw is pregnant now at the age of 41 and she's very much ok and the baby. My friend just gave birth at the age of 43.
  5. That is such a great thing to hear!
    My best girlfriend had her first at 44, on the first attempt. All is well. Her OBGyn said that she thinks these "statistics" are very misleading.
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  6. I was 32 and started ttc July last year, conceived in august, however it ended with a Mc at 7 weeks. Tried again after a break of 2 cycles in Dec and conceived in n February. So far pregnancy is going ok and I am due in October.
  7. I agree with you :smile:
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  8. I wouldn't describe it as harder to get pregnant, but there are more risks.
  9. From a biological perspective, a woman's fertility is highest in her teens and early twenties, when few have the enough financial or emotional resources. By the time we as women are more financially stable in our chosen professions (in our 30's and beyond) our fertility is significantly impacted. For the average woman, the decline begins much earlier than we might expect.. Fertility begins to decline just a bit in the late twenties, then significantly more at 30, with a larger decline at 35. This was reported to me by experts in the field who encouraged me to "get serious" if I was truly interested in having a baby. An important thing to remember, though chances lower as we age, that does not mean it is impossible. Many women I know became mothers in their 30's, some with the help of fertility and some without.
  10. It will also depend on the age of the man—the odds are better when the man is younger. The data used to determine the relationship between age and fertility is actually a couple of hundred years old, so very out of date.
  11. Can't speak for late 30s, I have 3 kids, just had my last one now at 32. It was not difficult to get pregnant, but the pregnancy itself was extremely taxing on my body due to complications. My other 2 kids that I had in my 20s, I had an easier pregnancy and I bounced back a lot faster. If it matters to anyone, the weight came right off. Now, heh, we'll see. :/
  12. The problem is you have no idea until you start trying whether it will be easy or hard.

    We had issues and I was only 29 when we started trying. I naively thought we would get pregnant first try as my friends in their 30s had got pregnant that fast and there was no history of fertility problems in my family or my husband's.

    When we started seeing fertility specialists they all told us how lucky we were that we had time up our sleeve as they said they saw women in their mid to late 30s all the time and the odds of success were so much lower - many sad childless couples as a result.

    Even though I was considered "young", my husband is a number of years older and as each month passed it was awful for him to face the prospect of being a much older father than he'd hoped to be. For both of us the journey was challenging emotionally. There were moments we thought we might never become parents and we wished we had started trying years earlier.

    I could not imagine the stress of going through that same journey at 35. It was absolutely the hardest thing I've ever been through.

    Only now are we finally expecting our first and I'll be 31 by the time the baby is born. We were incredibly lucky that low level intervention worked for us so we didn't need to resort to full IVF. But there were miscarriages along the way...just heart breaking.

    I now say to all my younger friends - DO NOT WAIT! Careers can wait. Being financially "set" can wait. But fertility is the one clock you can't change and if you have issues, you want to know ASAP so you can take action and have better odds of success due to your youth.
  13. Had my 1st at 33 and my 2nd on my 36th birthday. Took longer to get pregnant with my first (6 months). My 2nd time it only took me like 2 months. Planning for a 3rd maybe end of this year and I'll be 38 when we try.
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  14. I started trying at 31, became pregnant (after one cycle of IVF) at 34 and had my daughter at just turned 35. For me age wasn't an issue since I was 'only' 31 when we started trying. We never found out what the problem was (we had all the investigative tests including a laparoscopy for me and I also lost weight in case that was creating issues - it wasn't). That said, I would encourage anyone having problems conceiving to seek help as early on as possible as time is unfortunately of the essence, especially for women. We would like another baby but I am 38 and my husband is 44 now and I almost certainly would need to have a FET with our remaining frozen embryo from my IVF cycle.
  15. Like everyone said it depends. I tried as soon as I got married (31) and turned out I had a lot of problems and didn't have my twins till I'm close to 35 however I have a 40 y.o friend who just had her third child. She never had problem conceiving her first and second.