Is it hard/harder to get pregnant at 30? Or 35?

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  1. I used some form of contraception and/or stayed on birth control as soon as I became sexually active EVERY SINGLE TIME. After I got married and my DH and I decided to have a kid, I stopped using the pill for about 6 months (we used condoms in the mean time) and as soon as we actively tried I was pregnant as soon as we stopped all forms of birth control. I was 32.

    I knew that would happen to me, which is why I am so glad I had stayed careful until I was ready.
  2. What everyone has said is, of course true, but I wanted to add 2 things:

    1, As far as I know, for every woman it is going to be increasingly difficult to get pregnant the older they get. As mentioned in many other posts, for some women this is more of a concern than for others. I started trying at 29 and eventually got pregnant with treatments (less than IVF though). Here are some statistics:

    2, Part of your chances for getting pregnant also depend on male factors. You may have great eggs well into your 40s, but if your partner is infertile, you may still end up with treatments.
  3. I can only speak for myself. I got pregnant with my first biological child at the age of 35, and it happened easily. We were trying, did the deed when i was ovulating and two weeks later, I was pregnant. He's 12 now

  4. wow! Yes everyones bodies are different and each pregnantcy is different so its hard to answer questions like these. My grandmother had my uncle at 42 unexpectedly, he and I are the same age.
  5. Everyone is different and of course there are exceptions. But generally your fertility drops after age 35 and the risk of chromosomal problems increase. 35 -39 usually needs no help, but often takes 5+ cycles to get pregnant. 40+ your fertility drops dramatically and you often need help. 43+ is very very hard to get pregnant naturally and even pushing it with IVF/Clomid, etc.
  6. I had my son 17 years after I got married. I gave up the hope it would ever happen. I was 37. Had my daughter at the age of 40-got pregnant in three months. No fertility treatments or drugs. Doctors found no problems. Healthy kids too.
  7. Wow, Tink. I never knew that about dd.

    OP, I never conceived in my 20's, but I was pregnant five times after age 32. I had no problems getting pg, in fact, got pg unplanned three times after 35 (birth control doesn't always work). For me, the struggle was staying pregnant :sad: It's a reality for my medical history, but I wouldn't say it was a due to age since I had complications that create a higher risk factor.
  8. I got knocked up at 39 (had baby at 40) after trying 4 cycles. Got pregnant again at 41 (delivered at 42) in 1 cycle. 100% naturally.
  9. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33. I did chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and five years of an anti-estrogen drug called Tamoxifen. Six years later, with the consent of my oncologist, we tried frozen embryo transfer. The transfer didn't work because the embryo quality (from eggs harvested before I did the chemotherapy) was poor. By this time, I was almost 40. The fertility specialist told me that due to the chemotherapy and my age, I had poor egg quality and recommended we use an egg donor if we wanted to have a baby. My husband and I decided to try for the next six months to see if we could conceive naturally. I had already been charting my cycles for several months. We go pregnant the first month we tried. Of course I was referred to a high risk ob/gyn and the ob told me based on the statistics, to expect a child with a chromosomal abnormality like Down's Syndrome because of my medical history. I refused to do an amniocentisis and decided I would love the baby no matter what. Well, my daughter was born perfectly healthy. She's almost three years old and is too stinking smart for her own good.

    So, yes, is it more difficult to get pregnant after 35, but it's not impossible.
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  10. Didn't realize i had already answered this, lol
  11. Everyone is different. I took us almost a year to conceive our first child.
  12. Started trying when I was 31, became pregnant at 34 after one successful round of IVF. Had DD at just gone 35. Now 37 and would love another but know it may be a hard road to get there given our previous problems and being a little older.
  13. I started TTC when I was 32 and finally got pregnant when I was 37 through IVF and had my son. At 40 I managed to get pregnant on my own and delivered my daughter 6 weeks ago.
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  14. Congratulations!
  15. I had my kids when I was 19 & 22, and got on the shot after my 11 year old was born. I had heard that it's not healthy to stay on it that long, so I got off the shot and was trying to give my body a break off birth control to get my hormones in order. Six months after I was off of it, I got pregnant.... with twins. I'm 33 now, and will be 34 when they get here next year.