Is it hard for you to sell bags, especially the LE ones?

  1. I have a few Limited Edition bags that I don't ever use, but I find it hard to sell them, just because it would be hard to find them again, especially new. But again, I NEVER use them, and now since I'm really trying hard to consolidate my bags, it would make sense to sell them. Do you find it hard to part with your bags? Do you have a rule, like if you haven't used it in a year, you sell it, etc??? Should I sell mine'? help...
  2. If you don't LVOE them, and you can bear to part with them, and they live in your closet, never to be carried or see the light of day.....then yes, I would sell them.....In my case, I basically only buy the LEs, because I know they won't be around forever, and then I know I will want to keep them.
    But you could buy new things if you sell off what you no longer love....!!
  3. Of course if you don't use them then there is no sense of keeping them! I was having the same dilemma with these Coach handbags that I have, even though I hate Coach and every piece was a gift from a friend or old boyfriend. I guess theres some sort of sentimental value there. But then at the same time I would never carry a Coach bag, so then what is the point in keeping it! You shouldn't keep them just sell them and then you can get something new that you will love and use!

    BTW what were you thinking of selling?
  4. If you don't use them, I would sell them. You could probably get a good price on eBay!
  5. I would think about it for a week or so, and if at the end you still want to sell it and know would not regret it ... then by all means sell them and buy something you would actually use.
  6. I only sell my bags if for sure I know I will not miss them.
  7. its le. you might never get it again.
  8. i learned my lesson..... i KNOW i will regret later on.....

    so me personally, i will never sell LE stuff anymore!!!!!
  9. Don't sell them yet. Wait for about 5 years after, then if you don't use them you'll get a very good deal. Lolz I'm just joking

    I think you should keep them. Later on you'll appreciate it.
  10. If it's something that you're sure you wouldnt miss after 2 years, then sell it. There's nothing more sad than an unloved LV .....
  11. Same here.

  12. Well I won't give a complete list (with fear of sounding like I'm trying to sell, but the main two of a few I'm contemplating is my Ambre PM and my Cherry Blossom Pink Retro. Do you guys think these are worth holding on to??? If I had something from the Vienna line or something really big like that, I would never sell them, but these two, I have not used in a very long time. But my Ambre I got from my LV boutique and the Cherry Blossom I got on eBay a while ago brand spanking new, so it's hard to sell them.
  13. Personally, I could never imagine departing with anything LE...
  14. I guess it wouldn't hurt to hold them a little while longer, especially since I have an (almost) 12 year old who I could pass them down to.

    Yeah, I also feel like, besides my mono Speedy, I'm only interested in LE stuff too. They have been coming out with the coolest LE bags!!!!!!!
  15. If you don't love them, sell them. I had the CB retro, CB pochette, CB papillon, graffiti speedy, ambre PM, graffiti alma mm, cerises speedy......all sold. I quit using them and it's just senseless to me to keep them.