is it good to change your skin care products once in awhile?

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  1. so i've finally ran out of my kiehl's lotion spf15, it works fine and i've used it for years. i heard that it's good to change skin care products once in a this true? should i change my facial lotion. i can pretty much use anything on my face as long as it has a good spf 15.
  2. I change every few months... because my old stuff runs out and I like to try new things...
    My mother always said it was good to change every now & then... not sure if it's true but mothers are usually right haha
  3. I like to change the products I use too, mainly because I do like to try other things but also just for a change. I do the same with my shampoo. Ive heard it doesnt make any difference, but I dont know!
  4. For me it's not good... I have the most crazy temperamental sensitive skin ever! I try to switch things up sometimes, because I get bored and my skin is never happy about it. What I always go back to (and what always works for me) is Cetaphil bar soap, Cetaphil lotion and cream, and Mario Badescu toner and acne treatment products.

    I tried non-comedogenic face wash from Eucerin made especially for sensitive skin and my face went freaking NUTS, but I've never had a problem with anything from Mario Badescu, and I've tried 10 of his products for all different skin types. I find that really interesting :shrugs:...
  5. Yes, I think so! I also get bored easily and am always looking for my "miracle" products!
  6. I think if something is working really well for you, then you should stick with it but in the event that it stops doing its job then you should definitely change it up. Also, your skin changes a lot throughout your lifetime so you'll probably have to change you products once in a while anyways :smile:
  7. my friend has an acne problem so the products just seem to stop working so she has to change products once shes done. For me, i use different products in the morning and evening but i have been using the same few products for ore than a year now and i still love it~
  8. For me, I change almost every time that i run out of my stuff.... lately I have been using Cetaphil but after I am done with that I am, yet again, going to change to Philosophy. I guess it all depends on what your skin is like as claireZk pointed out. :smile:
  9. I usually go through 2 bottles/jars of anything before I'm over it and want to try something new (hopefully better).