Is it "good" embossed for empriente leather?

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  1. #1 May 25, 2016
    Last edited: May 25, 2016
    Hi all! I just bought my first empriente leather bag, it's saint germain bb in grape leather. It's really hard to find one now in London, so I grab the last stock in LV Harrords. After I went home, I just remember someone here mentioned before about "good" embossed supposed to be deep, I looked at my bag and I think mine is not deep enough, but is it considered as a normal one or did I get a bad one??? Should I return?? Thanks in advance!! (Sorry I'm in my hotel room, pic a bit dark)

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  2. This is under natural light

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  3. I think it looks great! I feel if it's too deeply embossed it will make the material look plastic like and cheap... and also a little scary if too bumpy "sticking out". Enjoy your new bag!!
  4. Indeed the embossing is not very deep but it still a nice bag. It really depends on the piece of leather they used for this bag/how hard they have pressed the machine...I have the clemence in grape and the embossing is deeper tho
  5. It looks okay. I love when the leather look really soft and puffy with deep embossing. I see some with deep embossing but the leather look flat.
  6. I'd personally want it deeper embossed but if it's hard to find, I might live with it
  7. I think it looks lovely and I would keep it. But you have to love it or it will annoy you forever.
  8. +1 Good luck!
  9. It looks pretty good to me. What a beautiful bag, the colour is gorgeous!!

  10. +1
    I love the deep embossing on my pieces. I have darker colors and it looks great versus lighter embossed.
  11. I wouldn't personally mind this deepness in embossing because she still looks so utterly gorgeous!! :cloud9:
  12. deeper embossed looks better to me
  13. Looks nice, but deeper would be better
  14. Great colour on a SG BB. Embossing varies so if it doesn't bother you, enjoy the bag. I have 5 Empreinte items and embossing varies for all. Hope that helps.
  15. Thank you all for your help, I decided to keep the bag, she is just too beautiful.
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