Is it going to be impossible....

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  1. ... to wear a bra with this dress? Dress by Rachel Pally.

  2. You could wear stick ons...
  3. Yes - pasteys for this dress.
  4. Shucks. I think I'm going to pass on this dress.

    Can I get your opinions on this one? Will it make me look like a weird marbled brownie?

  5. I LOVE it! that style is adorable!
  6. I like the style, not so crazy about the print.
  7. I like the brownie dress :biggrin: I think it'll look great!
  8. ooh, I am loving the brownie dress too.
  9. I like them both, they could both work depending on how they fit on.
  10. I love the style, not so sure about the print. would have to see it on you.
  11. IntlSet- where are those dresses from? I think they are both great- and I love the brown one!
  12. so depends on you, if you feel good and like you pull it off, then hell yeah, if you are sitting on the fence i would step down, clothes only look good when people wear them with conviction.
  13. Hi jag! The dresses are both by Rachel Pally.
  14. Love Rachel Pally!
  15. The brownie dress is adorable, it looks like it would be very figure flattering. I personally think the pattern is very yummy looking.