Is it foolish to hope?...


Aug 20, 2008
That in my 2-week trip to Palm Beach, FL from Aug.23-Sep.7, I might find the following items at 25-40% off+? More importantly, has anyone reading this found these exact items at a Coach Factory Outlet recently, or at the Dillard's 40% sale that ends this Sunday, Aug.24?

(1) Black Sophie Leather

(2) *Tan* Bleeker Leather Shoulder Flap

(3) *Tan* Coach Ergo Pleated Leather Hobo

(4) *Black* Coach Ergo Pleated Leather Capacity Wristlet

NOTE: No more than 5 days ago, both #3 & #4 (Ergo Pleated Hobo + Wristlet) were showing all 5 available colours on the website. Today, they show only 3 each. Does this mean they have run dry of the most popular colours (namely, tan?). The Ergo Wristlet has also been selling out everywhere. Any chance it'll be in a Factory Outlet soon?

Appreciate any advice on this.


Feb 28, 2008
Of those, you could maybe find the Ergo hobo at the outlet. The other stuff is currently in boutiques, so they would only be at an outlet if someone made a return there.

Coach just updated the website with new items, so the tan ergos are probably discontinued. They're likely headed for the outlets.