Is it fair to get a puppy?

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  1. I lost my beloved papillon in September this year. I would dearly love to get another one next year but don't think it would be fair to the dog. I work 6 days a week and wonder how I could devote time to housetraining when I'm not home much. I have three ragdoll cats who love small dogs.
    Do any of you work fulltime and are still able to devote enough time to a small puppy?
  2. no...

    why don't you adopt a papillon from papillon rescue that is an adult, but needs a good home? that way you won't need to potty train and you can give a dog a home that needs one.
  3. I think that is a great question! I feel that if you are gone for a long stretch during the day perhaps a puppy is not the best choice, unless you can get two. One will get bored and perhaps unhappy. Have you considered a rescue or a shelter doggie? Rescue dogs are great, despite some people's fears that they will be damaged or crazy, they are usually good dogs who suffered bad owners. They are usually house trained so you don't have to worry about that.
  4. I agree with Amy and Irishgal. A shelter adult dog is the way to go.
  5. Great advice given so far.
  6. Exactly what I was going to say. I love puppies, but am terrible at the housebreaking part and all the chewing, etc. that puppies do. We realized that there are wonderful dogs out there (and cats) who through no fault of their own, are desperately in need of a good home. It's so rewarding.
  7. I wish we did have papillon rescue here but unfortunately paps are quite hard to get in this country.:sad: Emma was actually nine months old when I got her so housetraining was a little easier.
  8. Yes def no on the puppy, its just not fair to him/her even with cats as company. I myself will be facing this problem in a couple of years, I have a year old westie, and I have a flexible schedule, and people in the house during his puppyhood. In another year or two I'm throwing us into a whole new country, and while I'll still make a flexible day, having a dog walker and all (which still isn't an anwser, especially for a puppy) I'd get him a older dog as a companion for both him and me. But that's only when I know I can have time to come back home throughout the course of my day. I know puppies are adorable, but if you really love a dog, you need to think what is best for him. its going to be tough to find an adult papillion in your country, but you shouldn't cross that option off your list.

  9. SUCH a great idea!!:yes:
  10. I happen to agree with everyone here. We were just given a boxer pup that was the last of the litter and the owner was desperate to get rid of her for personal reasons. (So of course I took her) Im madly in love with her but I would say rescue an adult doggie from the shelter. Im an at home mom and believe me, I have to spend every spare minute training our new baby. It takes much, much work and time. And there are some of the most sweetest and loving dogs waiting for loving homes at the shelter. Im still going to adopt one as soon as our new baby boxer is a bit older.
  11. I should just add that alot of rescue groups will not give a senior dog to someone who will not be home alot of the time. *If* you do not have enough time to spend with the dog, it really doesn't matter if it's a shelter dog, or a puppy.

  12. :yes: Very good point.