Is It Ever Appropriate To Wear Black To A Wedding ?

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  1. As a Guest:

    Is it ever appropriate to wear Black to a Wedding ?

    Daytime Matrimonials, Is It best to stay away from
    White and Ivory ?

    What are your Views & Experiences ?
  2. I had an evening wedding, plenty of black or navy dresses were there. It was about 7 years ago and it was perfectly fine w/ me.

    I would never wear white/ivory exclusively to someone's wedding. Never ever.
  3. Oh my goth! only if you're going to marilyn mansons wedding.
  4. Hmmm. ISlightly O/T I really don't like Black and White weddings, although they seem to be popular at least down here! I would wear black I guess to a black-tie evening wedding, I haven't yet and it wouldn't be my first choice but I would.
  5. The dresses I saw at my wedding were pretty little basic black dresses, you know w/ pearls and such. No biggie.
  6. oh. meant no disrespect. I don't know why that image of marilyn manson popped into my head. I'm tired.
  7. I think it just all depends... I was in a wedding of a good friend of mine, and the grooms side in the CHURCH had some people in there with overalls on. So I'd take black over overalls anyday!
  8. she wasn't marrying her brother was she?

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  9. I wore a black dress to the last wedding I went to. I wore that color because it was very slimming for my body type. I received compliments on my dress from both the groom and bride. I think the groom's mother was even wearing a black sequins dress.

    Is there a rule about wearing black to wedding? I mean, I have seen wedding ceremonies on TV where even bridemaids were wearing black bridemaids gown.

    I would rather wear black than to stick out like a sore thumb wearing a mustard yellow, hot pink, or neon lime green color dress.
  10. OMG!! LMAO!

    I didn't take your goth comment wrong ;) I just thought people were probably thinking I had Morticia at my wedding or soemthing! LOL!:lol:
  11. i would probly not wear black at a wedding, but it is your call.
  12. The only person who should wear white to a wedding is the bride. JMHO.
  13. I just thought people were probably thinking I had Morticia at my wedding or soemthing

  14. HAHAHA!!! Well it was the most interesting wedding of my life. She was just in college and he was a high school grad. Her family did not approve so they did not help pay for the wedding. Bless her heart- it was so simple and modest but she was so happy! The groom's family seemed a bit... a bit... umm what is politically correct for inbred?? ;)

    Either way, I would definetly consider wearing black to a wedding- I'd just see when/where/how the wedding was going to be
  15. wow. I would love to see photos of that wedding! YIKES!