Is it ethical to NOT disclose "FS" stamp on a bag?

  1. Ok so I saw this lovely straw bag on eBay that I really loved, and the seller did mention it had a "tiny" flaw on the back of it and that basically it was no big deal.

    I e-mailed the seller and asked if the bag had the "FS" stamp on it,and she replied "Yes". I double checked the auction listing and nowhere on it did it say the bag was stamped with "FS".

    So my question is, is it ethical for sellers to NOT disclose this fact? It's my understanding that FS items cannot be returned for warrany repairs -- so in my mind, it's quite important that this fact be disclosed.

    Most consumers in fact would probably not even know about the FS stamp, so they wouldn't be likely to ask the seller that question.

    I'm curious to get your thoughts on this one --
  2. what does the FS mean?
  3. I have a lot of Coach bags and consider myself pretty familiar with styles, quality, etc. but had never heard of FS until I became a part of this forum. In fact, I still don't really know what it means! Is it Factory Store?

    For me, I would give the seller the benefit of the doubt if their rankings are high. They may carry a number of lines and just not know the intricate details within particular lines.

    Maybe you could educate the seller and be of service to him/her and the buyers? I know I learn stuff all the time in tpf!;)
  4. Not sure, but does it mean final sale -- no returns, repairs?

    I don't think a seller should have to disclose that... they may not even be aware of it or what it stands for.

    As a buyer, I feel it's my own responsibility to ask all questions beforehand... often times a seller has no clue what they're selling. I usually have to ask if it's from a smoke-free home if not mentioned... the majority of the time it is from a smoke-free home.

    Smoking sellers rarely say the item is from a smoking home and I dont' think they should have to -- buyer's responsibility to ask.

    Just my opinion anyway! :yes:
  5. FS means "final sale".. they usually sell a bag at a steep discount and youcan't return it or have it repaired.
  6. Surely FS is not 'factory store'. It's my understanding that even outlet bags are covered under Coach's warranty. If it means 'final sale' and you are concerned about that issue then I would always be sure to email the seller to ask. I would have been clueless about an FS if it were me!

  7. But if the seller purchased it damagaed (which is what it seems like to me) then they would undoubtedly know it has the FS stamp on it and they would know what it means. I e-mailed about it and got a response fairly quickly -- meaning the seller didn't have to go hunting around the bag for it or figure out what it was.. they knew exactly what I was talking about ... so, to me, that seems shady.
  8. Honestly, if you are uncomfortable with that particular seller, I'd just avoid buying from them. If you feel that they weren't completely honest in their listing until asked point blank, then better to listen to your gut. I would disclose any and all damage if it were me and if I honestly knew (like I do now) what FS stood for, I would say so in my listing. If there were a target on the creed patch, I take pics of that so that buyers know it's an outlet bag. But that's me. And I would always ask lots of questions when in doubt.
  9. I think it should be mentioned in the auction. Not because of what it means, but because it's an actual mark that has been made on the bag. Just like they would disclose if there were a pen mark on the inside of the bag, or a scratches on the hardware..etc etc.. It should be shown clearly in a picture or written in the description of the auction. So people know exactly what they're buying.
  10. IMO...I think ALL markings on a bag should be disclosed.

    example...I bought a wristlet off eBay...was totally authentic...right down to the bullseye on the back of the hangtag. I had NEVER seen a bullseye stamp there, and it kinda bothered me. I messaged the seller, telling I was totally pleased with the transaction, however she MIGHT want to disclose that mark if she sells an item with it again. as some people might not be too happy about it.

    she totally understood...and took the constructive criticism.

    so be it a bullseye, X, or FS...I think ANY mark needs to be disclosed.
  11. Where is the FS mark at? I know of a target mark but didn't know of any others....?

    I should say that if I were the seller, I would definitely mention any markings/flaws and always do... and show pics of them.

    However, I wouldn't mention the target mark on the creed... but I would definitely show a close-up of the creed.
  12. I agree with the above poster.......
  13. not sure where it's "supposed" to go -- but in the auction i was looking at there was no FS on the creed so it must've been somewhere else on the bag.
  14. I am carrying an outlet bag today that I bought on clearance... the bag itself had a flaw on it and it is noticable but no biggie to me... I've just turned this bag inside and out and don't see an FS anywhere on it...

    Wonder what the damage has to be to mark it with an FS?
  15. It's based on the price they sell it to you for. I got a mini skinny (FS) at an outlet and it came out to like $8. They sell them for cheap because they don't want to warranty them.
    The damage was a mark on it..