Is it easy to find Chanel rhinestone stud earrings?

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if it is easy to find the small Chanel stud rhinestone earrings that a lot of people seem to have. They are the double c ones.

    Also do you know if they make a similar matching ring? I have seen many pictures of the earrings and necklace, but I would ideally like a small rhinestone double c ring. If it exists do you know where I could find one and how much it normally retails for?

  2. I was looking for those for such a longggg time. I called my boutique in December for those and since it was around Christmas time they were sold out. They put me on a list and never called back.. I called them again in January and they put me on a list again to call back, and I never heard from them. I called back till March and finally gave up. Apparently they had received them in my boutique..but they never called back! The line that locates items for you also told me that the boutiques that had them available would give me a call back... I think only 1 called back but it was for the wrong size. I guess I kind of gave up.

    Hopefully you don't have the experience I had! I would try calling your nearest boutique to see if they have them available, and if not call the 800 number and maybe they can locate some for you. The small ones retail for $190 I believe?
  3. Yup the small ones :smile: :smile: :smile: Oh I hope I don't have the same troubles you had!! I want them so badly! Thanks for your advice!
  4. I hope you find them! Good luck! :smile:
  5. If anyone else has any specific knowledge of where they are available that would be great! Ans if anyone knows about the ring...
  6. NM Charlotte has the earrings frequently. Don't know anything about a matching ring, sorry.
  7. NM San Antonio had at least one pair in this Thursday.
  8. at the rodeo drive chanel, there were 2 pairs, maybe you could call them
  9. I've also been searching for these earrings and the small ones are around $190????

    The listings on eBay for the small cc earrings are around $295. Is it just overpriced?

    I'm all about the bargain so I'm not paying eBay more than retail. :huh:
  10. I think I saw a pair at Chanel Boutique in Houston!
  11. are you looking for the crystal ones? I think Nordstrom of Mall of America has like 50 pairs a few days ago... for $225 (medium, i believe)
  12. i purchased mine last year at Saks and lost them within several months.... :sad:
  13. i just got a pair of the small ones from the chanel on spring street in new york. ask for Kim. she helped me find them. they thought they didn't have them but she went and checked and they had a bunch. they were $195.
  14. Are people still finding the Crystals fall out easily?
  15. Hey Sealy, did you ask Brendan about the ring and earrings?