is it dumb.....?

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  1. Is it dumb to get a mini lin speedy when you already have a mono speedy and a damier speedy????????? :shame:
  2. NOOOOO lol it isn't dumb at all. I love how the Mini Lin is - its beautiful.
  3. No, speedies are great! There are some amazing collections in the Speedy Club! I say, the more the merrier!
  4. Not at all, its nice to have a choice :smile:
  5. Definately not dumb!
  6. Not dumb cause they all look so different depending on the materials used etc. If it makes you happy go for it.:yes:
  7. Of course not!
  8. No, not at all! I have 3 Speedys (Mono 30, Damier 25 & 30) and I would love to get the Mini Lin Speedy. Go for it!!! It's a classic bag no matter what the material is...
  9. NOt in the least. If you love it and will use it, it's all good! Enjoy!
  10. Get it!!!!!:nuts: :nuts:
  11. Definitely NOT!!!!!
    Go for it...the Mini Lin is so FAB!
  12. No waaaay. If you want it, go for it! You can never have too many speedies!
  13. Gosh I don't think so, especially since I have a Damier, Mono & Mini Lin. :love: And have my eye on an epi Speedy next year.

    The one thing I did learn is the 30 is such a perfect size for me that when I went to switch to my only 25 (the Damier) today it seemed too small.
  14. ITA with almost everyone here! You can NEVER have too many speedies! It is the iconic LV bag. I have regular damier, azur damier, monogram, and Fringe. I never thought twice about making any of the purchases! ;)
  15. Why would it be dumb? LOL I'd do that. And many of us have multiple Speedys, so yeah.