Is it dumb to take a Speedy to a festival?

  1. I might be going to a Dragon Boat festival tommorrow, which means there is a possibility that I'll have to sit on the grass and have lunch sitting there or be walking around eating a hot dog with ketchup on it. :p Also, I'll have to use the public washrooms, and if the line-ups are too long possibly an outhouse! :wacko: But if that happens I'll probably have my friend hold my bag for me.

    I've already decided that if I take my speedy, I'll be taking my monogram 30 instead of my Azur 25, because I'd be afraid to get the light colour of the Azur dirty.

    The reason I'm taking a speedy is because I have to fit in a water bottle, my digital camera, a couple of DVDs, a CD, and the usual wallet, phone, keys, etc. Unfortunately, all that wont fit into any of my shouder bags, and I don't want to resort to wearing a back pack unless I have to.
  2. I think a mono speedy is perfect for a picnic type party. Enjoy the festival and your speedy!!!!
  3. Your Speedy will probably be :shocked: if she reads this :pbut that's just me,if you're fine with it I don't see why not.
  4. I would for sure, why not enjoy the festival in style !
  5. NO way, that is why I have a marly
  6. I think you can take it. I have had these dilemmas in the past too. It's such a functional bag for these events. I am not a backpack or crappy bag type of girl. I am happier with my speedy. I say bring it and be the hottest chick at the festival!
  7. Personally I only carry my speedy to work... I don't like to take my nicer purses out to somewhere I might worry about spillage. For festivals, I like carrying a tote bag style because I might be snacking something. I need both of my hands when snacking. LOL
  8. I think the speedy would look great at a picnic.
  9. If it were me, I would leave the Speedy at home. But, you could carry a plastic shopping bag with you in your purse and use it to put your Speedy on top of it when you're sitting on the grass. And definately give the purse to your friend when you go to the restroom to wash your hands, but just make sure your hands (and your friends) are not wet when you touch the handles.

    I have a strap for my Speedy, so I sling the Speedy behind me on my back when I'm washing my hands.

    Have fun at your festival! Is this the Dragon boat festival that have different teams competing? My friend at work does this for the company team and has traveled all over the place - she even went to China for a Dragon Boat race.

    I would actually recommend taking an inexpensive tote bag or a backpack to the festival since then you wouldn't worry about it getting damaged or wet. But maybe you can take an LV accessory such as a wallet then you'll have something from LV with you!!!
  10. My Speedy will never see a picnic, unless it's on TV. :supacool:
  11. I don't see a problem with it at all :smile: Go for it! I've even taken my LVs to the beach and on hikes :p
  12. i don't see why not, she is weather proof after all
  13. I used my Speedy a TON while on vacation in FL. Didn't think I would, but I did, because it holds so much. It was nice to have a water bottle or pashmina with me, along with anything I might have bought. Seriously, Speedy was an afterthought...but at the last minute I folded her and in to the carry-on she went!

    Speedy even went to the beach!


  14. ^^ OMG great pix, krispin!

    OK for me, honestly I'd be too freaked out about food spilling. I like the other post about using a nylon tote and then an LV accessory inside.

    Whatever you decide, have a great time!!!
  15. I would.