Is it dumb to keep BOTH?

  1. Hello!

    I purchased the medallion tote with gold hardware, and once received was not quite certain that it was large enough, so I purchased the grand shopping tote (also with gold hardware).

    Now the problem ... I think I love them both! They are both in black. Are they different enough to justify keeping both? I'm VERY good at justifying but need a little enabling, or a little 'sensible talk' to encourage me to return one or the other.

    I'm definitely more of a larger bag gal. However, I like the slightly larger quilting on the medallion tote, and I LOVE the larger interlocking C's on that one.

    What's a gal to do? Keep both? Return one? If so which do I return?

    Help! Decisions, decisions ...

    THANK YOU all!!!
  2. They can serve different purposes and if you really love them both you know you will get use out of both.
  3. Yes yes ... exactly the type of conversation I have been having with myself! I think of it this way ... I can't imagine NOT having one of them, and I know I'd miss the one I returned. Oh boy! Can you see the startings of an addiction in progress?!?!?!

    When I jumped into Chanel I jumped in head-on, didn't I?! :yes:
  4. Keep both...their styles are diff enough to justify keeping them.
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao: lol that's what happened to most of us hehe!;)
    Well since you love larger bags I'd say keep them both!The GST can be used as a casual bag -all day long while the medallion as a more formal!:yes:
  6. If you can afford it, and love them both, Keep em for sure :biggrin:
  7. Decision made! I just recycled both shipping boxes (cardboard outer boxes) and packing materials so ... looks like I am the proud owner of two new bags! Ugh ... :yahoo:

    Thank you everyone for your advice - I really appreciate it!
  8. :yahoo::roflmfao: You sure jumped in with both feet! Congrats and welcome to the Chanel forum.
  9. I have both, and use both. They're both great bags.

    I tend to not use the Medallion Tote when shopping, because it's a handheld bag for me. I don't think the shoulder handles are not long enough for me. I can take the GST shopping with no problem. Fits nicely over the shoulders.
  10. If you find you will use them both, then keep them both.
  11. Congrats on keeping both, let's see the pix!
  12. Well you didn't need much convincing did you? :lol:

    Enjoy your new bags! You picked some beautiful ones!
  13. you made a good decision.

    now it's time to see pics!
  14. i would just keep the GST... i am all about variety.
    but it looks like you've made your decision already. enjoy both bags! :biggrin:
  15. enjoy them!