Is it DUMB to get the same style bag in diff color?

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  1. I favorite bag of all time if the Le Fabuleux, I have it in white and blue, is it dumb to get it black and geranium (sp?) as well (not anytime soon but over the next year or so)?

    What's your opinion on buying the same style bag in all the colors?
  2. No way, if you like the shape of the bag and can get lots of variations on it, then go for it.

    And if I were you, I would leap at the chance of collecting Le Fabs in all of the colours. What about Plum as well ? ;)
  3. If you love the style of the bag and wants to get it in all the skittles colors that are available out there, WHY NOT?! I can see myself with a mono speedy and a damier speedy in the future as well as lots of B-bags in those yummy skittles colors. :love:
  4. NO WAY. I am a fan of the saying "If you love it, get one in every color"

    I do this with shoes all the time, shirts, bags, you name it.

    I have the Isabella Fiore Whiplfash Alexia bag in Bronze, Black, Brown and Green. And I don't regret it. (Check out my bagshowcase pics)

    If you love it, then BUY it :biggrin:
  5. i totally agree with what everyone else has said... if you love the bag then get it... who cares if you have it in other colours!!!! its just great that you can swap them around etc... to go with what you're wearing!
  6. Go ahead!
  7. Why Not? I'm considering on Damier or Epi Speedy 30 and I already have Mono Speedy 30
  8. If you love the style of bag that's all that matters. When I find shirts that look good on me, I get them in each color!
  9. If you like it that's all that matters.
  10. Go for it. I second Ayla's great suggestion of Plum!
  11. No problem. I have the Le Fab and L'Epanoui GM in white! :smile: I'd love to see you wearing your collection, by the way -- I'm a big fan of that! Showcasing of bags aren't as fun as seeing people wear their gems.
  12. Do it!! lol I :love: to get things I :love: in different colors.
  13. I not sure that the plum is still available, does anyone know? I do have the plum in the le imprevisible which is the vertical verison of the le fab and this style is no longer available.
  14. Yes, the plum is no longer available. Sometimes MyPoupette sellers have great condition ones, though.
  15. No way is it dumb. You want it, then get it. I do the same with pants and some sweaters. Can't afford to do that yet with bags, though :smile: .