Is it dumb to get a gold Birkin if I have a gold Bolide?

  1. Just wondering about duplicating colors in different styles. The hardware would be different. Or should I wait for a black Birkin?
  2. IMO, no. Coz I would get the gold birkin. The bolide and birkin are different bags with differing styles....
  3. Nope- not dumb at all IMHO. They are two completely different bags so if you love the color there is no reason to have more than one style in it! I find myself wanting multiple styles of hermes in the same color as well. BTW- gold is gorgeous!!!
  4. I think it is impossible for any combination of Hermes bags to be dumb! Go for it!!
  5. It is not dumb, but I will be the first to say...can't you find another shade that appeals to you, so that you won't have two of the same color?
  6. It is NOT dumb. But if it is, then I am dumb too. I have a gold birkin bag and a gold kelly bag. Gold is a neutral staple color, like black or dark brown. I think you could have each bag (a birkin bag, a bolide bag, and a kelly bag) in gold, black, and dark brown and it would not be redundancy. (Assuming you had around $60K to throw at the situation, that is)
    If I could only have one birkin, I would opt for gold. It has always been my favorite bag, and if I could only keep one bag, that would be it. I hope this helps.
  7. Thank you so much for your opinions. Of course their are other colors I love but my first goal was a gold Birkin with gold hw and the Bolide came my way first--it's togo with gold, and now the Birkin was offered to me in togo with silver. I think I'll go for it....gulp.
  8. Go for it! It's a totally different "animal!"
  9. What's most important is that you are happy and it sounds like you are!!!
  10. No, it's not dumb at all, it's just a totally different story. Go for it if you like it!
  11. I would go for a different color.
  12. I would do the same colour, but different skin.
  13. ^^^ I agree GH ^^^
  14. No problem for me (says the gal with 3 black H bags)...sounds like the color works well for you. Looking forward to your pics!
  15. I'm the wrong person to ask as I have OCD when it comes to color, but I think it's fine as long as you adore Gold and it complements your wardrobe. I think a Gold Birkin is quite classic and will serve a different function than your Bolide.