is it difficult to find the timeless clutch now? or are they quite available? tia

  1. oh, in blk caviar.
  2. just saw one in Saks NY and they also have the lambskin too. good luck.
  3. I see them frequently
  4. NM in Beverly Hills had one when I was in there on Friday.
  5. I saw one here in Hong Kong too! In black, caviar!
  6. i always see colors at my chanel boutique (houston)...violet, navy, white...seldom black.
  7. Saks here in Portland, OR has a black and red. =)
  8. Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto has a bunch. I was there yesterday and saw 2 black lambskin, 1 black caviar, 1 red caviar, 1 white caviar, 1 blue perforated, and the black one with CC charms on it.
  9. Chanel Boston has black perforated and white caviar. I think they get them very often. Call them and see.
  10. I see them a lot too. I recently saw black, white, and red.
  11. I saw a black and a red one at Saks Beverly Hills today.
  12. I saw some at Chanel SCP earlier today.
  13. Beverly Hills: Saks
    Fashion Island: NM, CA

    I saw them there a few days ago while on vacation!
  14. There are still plenty of them at many stores. Black/white/red in lambskin or caviar.
  15. Neiman Marcus in White Plains has black caviar as well as lambskin. Saks in Greenwich has black caviar. I see them quite frequently!