is it difficult to find the timeless clutch now? or are they quite available? tia

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  1. oh, in blk caviar.
  2. just saw one in Saks NY and they also have the lambskin too. good luck.
  3. I see them frequently
  4. NM in Beverly Hills had one when I was in there on Friday.
  5. I saw one here in Hong Kong too! In black, caviar!
  6. i always see colors at my chanel boutique (houston)...violet, navy, white...seldom black.
  7. Saks here in Portland, OR has a black and red. =)
  8. Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto has a bunch. I was there yesterday and saw 2 black lambskin, 1 black caviar, 1 red caviar, 1 white caviar, 1 blue perforated, and the black one with CC charms on it.
  9. Chanel Boston has black perforated and white caviar. I think they get them very often. Call them and see.
  10. I see them a lot too. I recently saw black, white, and red.
  11. I saw a black and a red one at Saks Beverly Hills today.
  12. I saw some at Chanel SCP earlier today.
  13. Beverly Hills: Saks
    Fashion Island: NM, CA

    I saw them there a few days ago while on vacation!
  14. There are still plenty of them at many stores. Black/white/red in lambskin or caviar.
  15. Neiman Marcus in White Plains has black caviar as well as lambskin. Saks in Greenwich has black caviar. I see them quite frequently!
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