Is it crazy to spend the $$ on a Paris Biarritz instead of a more classic bag?

  1. I need a toss-around bag right now--one I can carry all the time and even throw a sippy cup in if need be. So, this seems like a great bag. But, should I just get a middle of the line bag, carry while my kids are little and save the big bucks for a fabulous bag???
  2. I can't really be objective. I am not loving the Paris Biarritz line. Maybe it's just my stage in life.
  3. I am of the opinion that you really need to buy what you love. Even though the Biarritz line isn't the most expensive, it is still a good chunk of change when it comes to a bag in the grand scheme of things.

    I wouldn't say it was foolish to do either, but I am a firm believer that you need to love it when you've spent a decent amount. I personally gravitate towards more classic lines/styles (I am a flap lover!) but again, it's just a preference thing.
  4. buy what you love!!
  5. That's why I bought this bag. I'm past the sippy cup stage, but still throw in my coffee and don't worry about spillage. I literally "toss it around" as you said.

    I know it's expensive for what it is, but I hate the look of middle of the line bags... and this one is so functional! It has lots of pockets. And it's black. And it has a little silver CC dangling charm. I just had to get it! :yes:
  6. I'd say I'd rather save more cash for a classic rather than a Biarritz because I don't like the style.. Anyway, it's your decision that matters. :biggrin:
  7. I bought it because I just love the fact it is made of canvas, so it is easy to clean and not that easily scratched (and of course it is Chanel). But I agree you really have to "really love it" like what ItsMyWorld said. If not, you will be longing for something else sooner than later. Then you regret spending the money. I think it is a nice big bag, and I even wait-listed for it. They sell out as soon as they arrive here. However, DH reckons it looks too big for me and looks too "simple" for the price.
  8. Totally agree with BQueenGirl.
  9. :yes:
  10. i think its a great looking bag, and a perfect one to have with young kids...and also, the canvas trim is weather and stain treated, i was told by a Chanel SA. imo, every great fashion house changes, and some of those changes have to do with incorporating non-classics into their line. Look whats happening at LV with the denim patchwork and Dentelle "lace", Gucci with the fringe embellished bags, Prada with their cute see-throughs in colors, Hermes with the fold-up shoulder bag, etc. and the price of the PB bags is so reasonable, for Chanel :jammin:
  11. I'm not a huge fan of this line, I must admit. It's a little too basic vs. classic. I guess what you have to ask yourself is if you'd rather have a Chanel classic flap later (and a middle-of-the-line throwaround bag now) or a Chanel Biarritz now. How long can you hold out for a Chanel?
  12. I'm not a big fan of the PB line either. I thought they looked like glorified Baby Bags, however I think you should only get it if you love it. Prada do less pricey nylon/canvas bags which look just as great. If your going for a chanel get one which you love and which won't look too dated down the line.
  13. Sad to say I'm not a fan either of the PB line. When my son was young I carried a black Chanel bucket shoulder bag and the kid bag was in the car or on the stroller. I would never risk mucking up a Chanel bag be it canvas, denim, leather or whatever. My vote is get a more classic style that can be carried no matter what the occasion and leave kid stuff for kids.
  14. I'm not the biggest fan of the PB line but I think it does make a good toss around bag...not sure any other chanels would serve that purpose and probably wouldnt find a chanel at as low a price as PB (if anything from chanel can be said to be low priced!)