Is it crazy to have two agendas?

  1. I recently acquired the mini (myrtille) epi agenda. It is doable for my lifestyle, but I'm finding myself wanting a small framboise agenda as well. I of course just touched the new refills I got for the mini agenda, so I don't know what to do, so I jsut sell the mini completely, or can I use both? I know, silly thread! :shame: Or maybe should the mini be my address book and hold business cards?
  2. The more the merrier! I have 2 and a third on the way. I like to use them as wallets too.
  3. nope!! i think there is never anything called too much LV
  4. it's never too much agenda! I own both Rose Mono and Damier Koala, and looking forward for a Med Damier agenda still! hehe
  5. Keep both!! they are both cute!
  6. Not crazy at all! I want to get a Medium Ring Agenda in the near future, possibly Damier or Epi? :shrugs:
  7. Epi! Did you have a pocket agenda?

    I may have to go for the framboise you enablers!!
  8. are so hooked. Keep the mini and get the other one too!
  9. I certainly hope not, since I have 3 ;)
  10. lol. id be too scared to even have one. the places i take agendas do not welcome designer things, or anything vulnerable to exploding marker
  11. I dont think it's a bad idea either. Hey I have 3 ipods!
  12. I've been asking myself the same thing, cause I want a pomme piece and thought of the agenda but I already have an indigo :p
  13. never have to much LV, use the one your started with and just the other next year, alternate.
  14. nah its not crazy to have 2 agendas!!!
  15. Are you going to go for it?