Is it crazy to have both size cerf totes?

  1. I bought the smaller cerf tote in black with silver mademoiselle closure about a month ago. Then I saw the larger size with the gold cc closure and just had to have that. Should I keep both? Or sell one of them? :confused1:
  2. nope, people, including I have the classic flap in multiple sizes and colors, and there're others with GST in different colors or the same color, different hardware, if ou enjoy the bag, it's not crazy at all
  3. I think that if you love the style you should keep both. Due to the difference in size, I think that you will use them both for different functions.
  4. Its not crazy at all!! If it is...then I'm nutz!!! :nuts:
  5. Please commit me asap, I have both, the large in black with gold CC's, the smaller size in beige with dark silver clasp., FYI I wear the large black much more than the smaller one.
  6. maybe get one in beige instead? the chanel beige is gorgeous in this style!
  7. no. as long as they have diff colors.
  8. No They will be used for different looks as they are 2 different sizes... I say keep em if you love em!
  9. give me one!!! lol. In all seriousness I'd maybe look for another color for more options.
  10. No, that's not crazy at all. I have the large Cerf tote in black with gold CC's and I would love to have the smaller size of it if my salary would allow me to :yes:
  11. Would any of you ladies who own both sizes mind posting a pic of them side by side? I would REALLY love to be able to compare them at the same time.... I would truely appreciate it. :yes:

  12. Sure, I will post a pic tomorrow.
  13. Thanks, I feel much better!!
  14. Thanks, everyone! I will keep both.
  15. I think it would be a waste to have them in the same color, but if they were different colors, I say why not! I LOVE the Cerf tote with the cold CCs. :love: