is it crazy to buy the red caviar w/ new chain in 2 sizes?

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  1. the e/w and the med/large?
  2. Yeah I think so - they are too similar in sizes. Get different colors or get the E/W and the jumbo.
  3. Yup, I agree with Lib.....
  4. IMHO, yes, it is. I love the style and I am a classic flap girl all the way, but those are just way too close in size.
  5. yea...choose a different color. Did you like the white e/w on display at bloor?
  6. yes i did, i want that one too!!
  7. I think they are too similar in size :smile: I would probably keep the medium/large, since it's so hard to find and just stunning, and replace the red E/W with the white one you mentioned before, or any other color you want! :smile:
  8. I think so too. If you love the flap and the red color, maybe do jumbo and e/w? If if you love the medium, then get the e/w in a different color.
  9. I also think they are too similar in size.
    You should get the E/W, because then you don't have the hassle with the double flap.
  10. i agree with everyone else, and would get one of them in a different color.
  11. agree!:yes:hehe...
    anyway, how much is the price for east west and medium now?
  12. If u need to have 2 reds i would get the caviar tote and one flap (like Jenn's! :yes:)..

    But if u need 2 flaps.. then get one in a different color :yes: there are too many nice flaps around to get both in red with new chain..purple..matt gold..patent..metallic reissues..:love::love:
  13. I think so too. You should get the red medium and white e/w...:graucho:
  14. The medium red is fab. I'd just stick with the one size though, whatever you decide.
  15. I also think you should only get one red.