Is it considered cheating??

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  1. I listen to love talk/slow jams every night while going to bed (DC/MD/VA gals some might know what that is). Last night the topic was:

    If you are involved, married, engaged and go out to dinner w/ someone from the opposite sex who is that considered cheating? Plain & simple don't read too far into it.

    For me I think it is...what do you think & why?
  2. if it's totally innocent, like just colleagues or schoolmates having dinner, then it's ok. but they both HAVE TO BE FULLY AWARE that it's just an innocent dinner, and not look any further into it.
  3. No. It's just dinner.

    Ladies remember not to read too far into it!

    Pursefanatic, I'm a MD girl and I listen to love talk and slow jams almost every night!
  4. My definition of cheating:

    If you are doing something with someone else that you wouldn't do if your PARTNER WAS RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.... then it's cheating. But under circumstances, my definition is extreme.:P
  5. I think a truly innocent dinner would only be cheating if you had ulterior intentions and/or treated it like a romantic encounter -- i.e. flirted and felt all excited and giddy over it.

    I do think it's important to maintain an environment in which members of the opposite sex can be actual friends and in which single people are included socially -- SO DON'T READ TOO MUCH INTO AN INNOCENT DINNER:smile:
  6. Instantly my answer would be NO>

    But in a relationship, i don't put myself in a situation where something could even slightly happen.

    It really depends on who it is... does my BF know him? Am I attracted to this person? What is my relationship to that person?? Is this a social dinner or a work dinner? I think WORK dinners are OK if it's a group setting.

    Cheating is a form of disrespect to the relationship. I wouldn't do anything disrespectful to my man... even if it's technically not cheating.
  7. if you can't do it in frlont of your significant other, you shouldn't be doing it!

    I have a guy friend from high school that visits us/me every so often. His wife and baby comes w/ him sometimes, sometimes not. I had dinner w/ him last week and my 5 yr old came too. . . I wasn't cheating, both of our spouses know we're buddies.
  8. I don't have a problem with it as long as my BF knows I'm going or visa versa. I trust him. He trust me.
  9. Not to me. What's the big deal.:shrugs: I am just not bothered by stuff like this at all. DH isn't either. At the end of the day, you have to trust your SO and if you don't, then you shouldn't be with them. Just because some one is involved doesn't mean they should give up their single friends of the opposite sex, you know.;)
    Maybe I shouldn't be the one to talk, my best friend is my DH's ex!:nuts:
  10. If it is, then my name should be changed to Jezebel. I am single but I regularly go out with my married, attached, enagaged male friends.
  11. That's my definition of cheating too..
  12. No.
    Unless eating = sex.

  13. It's not a group of persons just you & a male..I know that guys & girls can just be friends but alot of males that called it said that one person or the other would be interested in more. The way they were talking about it last night to me it sounded like cheating. Maybe I can't explain it real good.
  14. No, I have good male and female friends and I have dinner alone with them sometimes. I mean just because you're dating doesn't mean you give up your friends.
  15. If I'm going to be eating with another guy, I always run this by my SO first. If he's okay with it, then I eat with my guy friend. If not, then I don't. Granted, whenever I hang out with a guy, it's always just because he's a friend and we share the same interest, nothing more than that. The guy friends treat me like one of the guys as well.