is it considered cheating?

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  1. I have a semi-dilemma and would really appreciate your help/opinions.
    I've been with my boyfriend for a few years now and things are going great. However, there's this guy in my class and i think i might have a little crush on him. We talk a lot whenever we see each other (in class). He texts and calls me quite often too. In the text messages and emails, it seems like he's flirting with me and i think i'm responding to it as well. :confused1: . He asked me out a couple times and i've always rejected (b/c i was really busy at those times) However, we agreed to meet up this weekend for lunch. Do you guys think that if i go to lunch with him and may be hang out later with him... is it considered cheating to my current bf?
    Typing this out makes me feel horrible b/c i think i know that i'm already mentally cheating on my bf... on some level, i think...
    Please let me know your thoughts on this, thanks much.
  2. Yes emotional cheating, it's not fair to your bf but who am I to judge, good luck
  3. Personally I don't view it as cheating. Keep it on a friendly level and just make sure he knows you're in a relationship and aren't looking for something else. Also, if you feel it's something your boyfriend wouldn't "agree" with, maybe mention it to him and see what he has to say. Texting, phonecalls, and hanging out is pretty harmless.
  4. yeah, that's like cheating.

    Do you tell your BF?
    If your answer is "no" then YOU KNOW you shouldn't be doing it.
  5. Well, as the saying goes, it is a slippery slope. I think you are sliding towards cheating. If you have a crush on someone and are already in a relationship, it is probably not the best idea to hang out with the other guy one on one. If you told all this to your boyfriend, how would he feel? If your boyfriend was doing the same thing with another girl, how would you feel? If either of you would feel uncomfortable, you probably shouldn't spend alone time with the new guy. Also, you already seem like you feel guilty about the situation, which should be a big warning sign.
  6. If you don't feel comfortable telling your boyfriend about this guy and the texts he sends you, then it seems like it could be an emotional affair.

    Does the other guy know about your boyfriend? Tell him about your boyfriend and tell your boyfriend about this guy.
  7. That sounds pretty swanky said, if you feel like you can't tell your BF about it, it's kind of cheating.
  8. Sometimes the best guage is to reverse it. If you found out through your guy or a friend that a girl in class was flirting, he was responding, meeting her for lunch and play...would you feel cheated on? That approach might be your best bet. Good luck!!
  9. I don't think it's cheating if a) your boyfriend knows you're going to lunch and b) he's someone you want to introduce your boyfriend to. If you feel that you're conducting this friendship in secret, then I think it's verging on cheating.
  10. It is cheating IMO.
  11. Ask yourself this question if your boyfriend was doing the same and you found out from someone other than him would you consider it cheating? Would you feel betrayed?

    That flirty feeling that you're feeling will only lead to more confusion if you don't nip it in the bud now...that is unless you're willing to sacrifice your relationship with your BF.
  12. We dont know all the details, but im pretty sure id consider this as emotional cheating ...think about it if your boyfriend did that to you ...i know if mine did this id be pretty effing pissed! lol
  13. IMO, Yes I would consider it cheating..
  14. It's cheating.
  15. As someone mentioned above put yourself in his shoes. You may change your mind about lunch.