Is it common problem of M/L classic flap

  1. This is second time I have same problem with M/L classic flap I ordered from Saks. The first time I noticed that the purse I received had so many finger's nails' marks on interior flap. I then returned and bought another one over the phone. The purse I received was again had bruised mark on the interior flap. The wrapper who did the job didn't insert anything between the double flaps. As a result the zipper got crushed with the interior flap and showed evident bruised sign.
    Did it happen to any of you guys? What did you do with it? I don't want to act as a finicky shopper, but don't I have a right to receive a perfect conditioned purse? I'm so tired of dealing such a problem caused by someone who is so careless like this wrapper. Thank you for your advice.
  2. I am sorry it happens to you. Definitely return the bags that you are not happy with. I ordered one Chanel from Damian at Saks before and the bag is in perfect condition. I think it is better to order from the SAs people here have recommended before if you have to order it on phone.
  3. I did, happymm. I ordered from Diann@ Saks Michigan. She's good but she's not the one who wrapped the package. I don't blame Diann for this nuisance but I blame on the person who wrapped it. If I exchange the bag at different Saks (BH). Will this affect Diann??
  4. Is your bag lambskin? Its almost impossible to keep that zipper from making an indentation on that flap.
  5. Yes, it's lambskin. Another lambskin I got didn't have this problem since the wrapper wrapped the zipper head really well.
  6. Yes but as soon as it gets used it does get that indentation. Right away.
  7. I know some may disagree but sometimes I think it's less hassle to just accept what you are given if the marks are going to get there anyway (e.g. the zipper mark). However, if the bag is brand new and not tried on by anyone, it should have come complete with all the wrappings.
  8. I would let the indentation thing slide.
    Its a beautiful bag - go enjoy it.
  9. My feeling is if the indentation is going to happen, *I* want to be the one to put it there! I don't want it to arrive to me brand new with the mark intact by someone else's carelessness.
  10. If it was an indent on the outside it would bother me but the interior mark always happens. I think its a design fluke.
  11. i ordered lambskin flap before and i was also ensured that its brand new from the stock room. However, my bag came with marks and dirt spot...but i accepted it anyway... coz i figured it'll get it sooner or later... but the bag was wrapped very tightly... so i just assumed that it came from the manufacturer... ^^
  12. I stand next to Roey in the sense if I'm buying a new bag or anything for that matter, I expect it to be perfect. If the marks happen, I can blame myself and no one else.
  13. I agree totally with jmen and Roey. If marks or damage happen to a bag which is new, I want to be the guilty party and not the sales person or the person in the shipping room. I have returned bags that were packed poorly causing some sort of damage happening by the time I received it. The chanel bags with chains really need to be packed properly.

  14. I agree:tup:; that was why i did not get the lambskin med flap even tho it is beautiful and my DH was like 'get it, it is much nicer :love:than the caviar" and he even told me to get the lighter coloured one cos it is nicer (which i agree:love:) but harder to maintain.....he says shld get one that is nice :love:even if it is not hardy, i tend to agree but ....i dunno, i dun like the indentations and hoped that I could indent it rather than have it already indented before I cld even lay my hands on it. :confused1:
  15. I have actually had two medium lambskin classics. The first one I got was in perfect condition on the outside but had a mark on the first inner pocket so I returned it. Funnily enough I wore it around the house a lot before I returned it and put all my stuff in it but the zipper never made a single mark. The lambskin I exchanged it for, however, as soon as I used it the first time made a mark from the zipper. I felt a bit sick but you could go on forever with things like this. If I exchanged again there could have been something else I wasn't happy with. Part of me wishes I had kept the original because this didn't seem to have the zipper problem.