Is it common for sellers to become irate when you ask for an authenticity guarantee?

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  1. I purchased a bag on EBay and this woman is incredibly pissed that I dare ask her if she can guarantee me the bag is authentic or money back and in return I receive hostile, messages implying that by asking for this guarantee I am insulting her.

    I've spent about $3,000 the past few weeks on bags, luxury goods and every single time (unless they are fashionphile or a big seller) for them to guarantee me the bag is authentic and if I find it to be fake that I will be refunded.
    Every single person is always polite, they understand that Ebay is a sketchy place. This woman however, keeps reiterating the fact that "she bought it herself" and I'm insulting her by asking. When I clearly said very politely that it's just for piece of mind and not that I think she's a scam artist. Now supposedly I've also insulted her pictures (wtf) and I feel so uncomfortable about the situation.

    Would you be offended if you had an authentic listing and someone asked you this or would you understand? I feel like it's shady behaviour for her to be acting this way, in my experience people who are liars or covering things up react by getting angry as a way of distracting you :/

    I can understand being annoyed if you had an authentic listing with good pictures, lots of information about the authenticity but this woman's listing is pretty bare- which I know is my fault for jumping into but still

    Should I ask her to send it to the other person 5 dollars below my bid?
  2. Did you buy it before researching it? You do not buy something unless and until you know it is authentic. Once you buy it, you should not be asking questions like that.
  3. Many sellers get upset when bidders win and then ask questions. Bidders are encouraged to ask questions prior to bidding to make it fair for the seller.
  4. No :/ I checked here someone else had posted it, they said it looked good except the picture seemed to be taken in funny light because the hardware seemed more "yellow" even though the pics were crumby.
    She has good feedback with several bags and a Chanel successfully sold so I wasn't too concerned

    I asked her if there were any receipts, dust bags etc and she said nope but she "guarantees" it's authenticity, then once I paid she wouldn't guarantee me that if there's anything wrong I'd be refunded.

    I paid for it then asked for that guarantee btw, I never once said I wouldn't pay for it, I was just wondering if she would give me that guarantee. I know that if it turns out to be fake I can open a dispute can't I?
  5. Yeah I just didn't see the problem with my asking since I had already paid, ya know?

  6. Did her auction states 'authenticity is guaranteed or your money back'? Regardless, if it turns out to be a fake, then you can file a dispute with PayPal. Hopefully you paid with a credit card. But always work it out with the seller first.
  7. She shouldn't be irate in her replies, but she probably thinks that if you're asking questions after the fact (even if you've already paid), you're going to be a problem buyer, either requesting a refund/cancellation, or asking for a return once you get it.

    If you've already had the bag authenticated, you should be okay. If, for whatever reason, you do end up with a fake, you can file a claim through PP or eBay.
  8. It's kind of a moot point because a seller guaranteeing an item "is authentic or your money back" means nothing on eBay.

    What could matter in a dispute is the seller's return policy.
  9. Stupid me, I didn't use my CC I wanted to wait 'til Oct 1 to use it because then I pay it off fully and it counts as my monthly payment. arg!

  10. Nope I wouldn't do that, she was the one saying someone else wants it. I told her if she wanted to do that she could sell it to them but that I had already paid so she would need to refund me
  11. OH. Good to know, see I always ask everyone if they guarantee it because I thought that if I had that in writing and they tried to sell me a fake that would be enough for me to get a refund. I guess there's no point in asking then!

    This woman also said something weird along the lines of "Ask Ebay, I do lots of business with them, this is just my personal account" I thought that was sort of weird.. Although after reading the scary threads in this Ebay section all day I think it's gone to my head and I'm paranoid lol.
  12. This.

    I don't think I'd be "irate", but I would definitely be very annoyed if a buyer asked questions like that after purchasing my item.

    Why can't buyers just ask all questions before paying?:shrugs:

  13. I can respect that, I just don't see how it would be really a nuissance if you know you already have the money. I guess I just don't understand why people would have an issue with doing something so simple just to help ease the other person and make them feel comfortable.

    Usually I do ask all my interogation questions beforehand, and post here. I was distracted and forgot about the bid 'til there was only a few minutes left. Guess I thought there was more time.
  14. Yeah, you definitely need to ask those questions before buying kuz the seller could be as paranoid about you as you are about the seller.
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    ^totally agree with karmenzsofia.

    Even if such a guarantee may make the buyer feel more comfortable, you have to understand that as a seller, it would make me incredibly nervous. When you have a buyer asking numerous questions after they've won an auction, you can't help but think that you have a problem buyer on your hands or worse yet, some sort of scammer. With all the scams you read about out there, you can't help but think the very worst.... Sad, but true.