Is it comfortable to wear your City messenger style?

  1. I just got my first it...and now I want / need a CITY! I want a messenger style bag, leaving me handsfree for carrying and lugging around my babies and all their gear. I think the other B-bag styles which are messengers are too deep. So for all you City carriers how is it carrying it as a messenger?
  2. The city strap is too short to be worn messenger style unless you want the bag sitting in your armpit. :p

    The part time could be worn messenger style though.
  3. It's a little tight and rests too high. I enjoy wearing my Part-time like this though. The strap is longer and it hangs in the right spot for me. And when it's hanging with the shoulder strap, it looks not as long, more like the City. Here's a pic


  4. Hey you mind telling me how tall you are? I love the way it looks on you. I like that color too...with the GH. GORGEOUS!
  5. Thanks! I'm 5' 5".
  6. The City - no. The Part Time - yes. The Courier would be another good choice.
  7. i tried the city messenger style and didn't like sits at my armpit.
  8. yes, it is comfortable enough for me. but sometimes i do exchange my longer strap from the fbf to my city which is in the same colour to make it more comfy
  9. not for me
  10. The part time is definitely better for this. Or maybe you could check out the new flat messenger and give us all a review? :graucho:
  11. I just tried on my new GH City and it's definitely not made to be worn as a messenger. The strap is too small and I'm only 5'2":sad:. It doesn't look good, nor does it feel comfortable, IMO. ;)
  12. Do you think the size of the City and the Parttime are that significantly different in size?? Like does it stick out pretty far when on your hip? I hate when my bags knock people down. LOL If so...what a pain in my bank to buy both just to have a longer strap...

    I think the flat messenger and the courier will be hard for me to dig through and see in to.
  13. I have a city but its not possible for me to wear it messenger style. Than it is tight under my arms.
    But i am a male, so then wear it in my hands and i do love it. But the bigger bags feel more comfortable to me
    But i can never wear the handles over my schoulder, to small handles or to fat arms. lol:roflmfao:

  14. ^i would be worried if a man could wear a city as a messenger comfortably!

    since you're concerned with carrying stuff for your kids, might i suggest the DAY? it is an easy bag to carry around, stays on the shoulder easily, and holds a ton without being a bottomless pit (like a courier). it's a less structured bag and therefore is easy to use for everyday, and you won't be knocking anyone over with it...

    i am a day enthusiast! i hate carrying in hand or on my arm cuz i'm often out taking pictures of stuff and need my limbs free. i have no complaints about that bag. :yes::yes:
  15. i wear my city messenger style when i bike, but it ends up on my back like that so i don't don't do it for long. it's certainly not the most attractive way to wear it :lol: