Is it cheaper to purchase a Longchamp Le Pliage Large Handbag in Europe or the U.S?

  1. I"ll be studying abroad in London during the fall. My Herve Chapelier looks like a wreck and I decided that I should invest in a Longchamp for a change. I've been looking around eBay but also wondering if I can buy one (in navy blue) in Europe for less than $132 retail price. Does anyone know whether or not it's cheaper to buy the bag here or in Europe? I know the exchange rate system in the UK is ridiculous but what about buying in the Euro zone, such as Paris, Italy? Thanks in advance everyone! :biggrin:
  2. IIRC, Longchamp in Paris is priced lower.
  3. Longchamp in New York is having a big sale right now. I just bought a suitcase from them that I love!!
  4. if you're travelling you can find them for cheaper at duty free shops in airports.
  5. Duty free is good but they are definitely cheaper in Europe. Cheapest place will be France but it will depend on the exchange rate as the dollar is not good against the Euro at the mo.
  6. buy them in switzerland if you can - sales tax is really low and the swiss franc has a much better exchange rate than the euro.
  7. thanks everyone! now i'll have to hold off until i get there. :biggrin:
  8. I was just in London, and nothing is cheaper there than the US!
  9. Given the weakness of the dollar against the euro, you may be able to do better with a good sale in the US. However, unless it is a really deep sale, you will probably do better in France. You will find styles and colors available in the Longchamp shops in Paris that are not available in the US, or even in French department stores or the airport. So if you are looking for a standard color, hold out for the airport, or for a department store with a 10% discount and detaxe. If you want something different, shop Longchamp, and still do reasonably well pricewise. Finally, the exchange against the pound is so bad right now, that buying almost anything in London is a bad idea. I would only buy things that are available nowhere else in Europe or the US, and that you want so badly that you can live with the price.
  10. I haven't done it for years, but if you buy something in Europe and go back to the US can you still get your VAT back?
  11. If you fill out the paper work and have it stamped at the airport while in Europe, you can mail the forms from the US. Years ago, you could bring back the forms and have them notarized here and then mail them back, but I don't think that is allowed anymore. If you didn't at least get the forms from the shops while in Europe, you are definitely out of luck.
  12. also try the Longchamp outlet at Woodbury Commons in upstate NY..They have a large selection there and might ship to you.

    I actually found a lot of Longchamp for cheap at the airport in Bora Bora (part of French Polynesia so no duty). I didn't buy anything but I wish I did.
  13. There is a time limit for VAT refunds, though. So if someone were studying in London for 9 months without flying out of the EU, then the time frame for VAT refunds would probably have expired.
  14. had the LePillage totes on sale for something like $50 recently. Navy was one of the sale colors. If that's what you're looking for, I'd check to see if it's still there.
  15. the $49.50 on is for the small one. great price! but they've sold out, i think :s