Is it cheaper to buy from elux than lv store?

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  1. Okay this is probably a stupid question but i had to ask?
    1) Are the prices for lv the same as the prices for lv in a US store?
    2) Does elux charge tax?
    Thanks ladies!:biggrin:
  2. the prices are the same as LV stores but u save on the least in most states (not sure if this applies to all states but i know for a fact no tax to NY or NJ).........but there's a trade-off.....u say on the tax and it's convenient but you don't have the experience of walking out of the LV store with an LV shopping bag and the personal experience of having chosen your new baby...........but that said i do love elux
  3. Not to mention the shipping on Elux is usually outrageous.
  4. Thanks ladies! And your so true on the lv experience with holding an lv shopping bag out of the store. Priceless!
  5. Quite frankly, I tend to buy from them when they are offering free shipping. When I got my Speedy, I saved $40 on tax and $21 on shipping. The stores can't beat that savings.
  6. Do you know when they offer these free shipping codes baglady?:shame:
    I would really love to buy a sppedy b4 the price hike.
  7. Unless you live in CA or TN, there is no sales tax.

    Oh and the price increase is suppose to happen the 22nd of Feb. like another post stated. =(
  8. WOW, that is a good deal !!! I'm a little bit of an attention needing person, HAHA I love going to the store and seeing my SA, she gets excited when I walk in. Plus she goes out of her way to make all her customers feel special. But....I do have a personal shopper that goes to France quite often, so I may buy a bag through her just to have one from France, she said you can save a total of almost 20% on LV purchases. Really worth it on bigger stuff.
  9. Why??? Why??? I live in Cali. :sad:
  10. I totally agreed. You get this "high" feeling when you walked out of the store. Probably because you're a thousand dollar lighter than when you first walk into the store. :lol: But still, nothing beats walking out of the store with your own LV shopping bag! Then you can go to other high end stores with the shopping bag and actually get greeted by the SAs there (for once). :P
  11. Its cheaper to buy from the boutiques here, but elux doesn't ship to HI anyway :lol:
  12. Another reason to go to Hawaii!!! :nuts:
  13. ^^^:lol: its not THAT much cheaper ;)

  14. If I'm not mistaken, free shipping on eluxury should be coming up just around the same time as the price hike. I recall free shipping on the 1st of March last year.:blink:
  15. Sorry baglady, did'nt mean to answer your question :shame: