Is it cheaper in Hong Kong?

  1. I was wondering if it is cheaper to buy louis vuitton in Hong Kong or in the US?
  2. from what i gather, i think it's cheaper in the US.. based on the amount of asian tourists that i see at South Coast... although they're mainly Japanese...
  3. Yes, because there's no sales tax. The price is about 4% higher than the before tax bags of USA. If you are from CA, where the sales tax is like 8%, than getting from HK is definitely cheaper.
  4. i hope OC doesn't get to 8%! i'd cry if that happens.
  5. Frozen7313 is somewhat right...if you are a tourist, you get all your sales tax returned...than it's 4% cheaper than what you pay from HK. But if you are a resident of US... well, get LV from HK.
  6. we'd still have to pay shipping. and wait for it to come. ehhhhh i can buy from the store.. it's only right next door to me. hehe. :smile:
  7. I heard from someone that LV actually have SALES in HK.

    Is this true?
    There is a set of dates where they go down and the store gets empty. (I forget before Christmas? After Christmas?)
  8. Well, it's quite true. There are discounts but usually near to the end of a particular season before the next season arrives. This is to remove the older collections to stock the new ones. :biggrin:
  9. Then I definitely need to go... hee hee

  10. Really? is it a open sale? I've never seen a sale in LV shop in HK.
  11. I'm not too sure. I'm from Japan. That's what my hong kong friend told me.
  12. There is plenty of LV shops in HK... but I have never heard of sales before. It is the second hand store sale?
  13. From what I heard, it's an end of the season/year sale for all designer items. Things get marked down to rediculously low prices.

    they are not from second hand stores. Now I'm getting confused, I'll call my friend. My friend mentioned that all bags including LV go on sale. She said I could fly to HK and buy LV and get my plane ticket worth of savings.
  14. Oh really ?! Updates !

    I have to plan my next trip to Hong Kong around these times then ! ;)
  15. Thanks for the info. I don't think the LV stores in Hong Kong go on sale. I think the ones that sell LV items on sale are the 2nd hand shops or other shops that sell designer stuff. There are soooo many small stores in Hong Kong that sells the hard-to-find bags. There are several in the Causeway Bay area, namely Paris Station, Milan Station, Whimsy, and they carry used and new designer bags. These stores carry Hermes birkins in abundance. So much so that seeing several birkins in one store will surely cast a doubt on its authenticity. The designer bags that are not hard to find are usually priced around 10% to 15% cheaper than the authorized sellers. I have actually walked into these stores and looked at their mechandise. The used LVs are authentic, but I have so far not seen a bag that tickled my fancy. I also wanted to get a brand new chloe paddington and a balenciaga first, but since these stores know that these bags are hard to find, they sell it at a blackmarket rate. But since my motto is "patience is a virtue", I would rather just wait and leave it to luck, than pay more for a bag that you would usually pay for in an authorized store. FYI, big sale season in Hong Kong is from the last week of June to August. The discounts go from 15% and it goes higher and higher as the sale season progresses.