Is it certifiable to.......

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  1. { be a post whore on a saturday night?} I already know that answer!!!:lol:

    ......I just realized I have 9 bags on order to me, 5 RM's (and I want a 6th) and 4 bbags. Ugh! I don't think I have ever been on a spree such as this and its fun but I do think it's certifiable! Of course this also means I need to go shopping for shoes to coordinate!!
  3. OMG one day I need to do the exact same thing. Thanks for giving me something to aspire to!
  4. MrsShoeGal, which RM's do you have coming? Are they all your firsts? So fun!
  5. Which bags (RM and BBags) do you have coming?? That is one insane shopping spree, but it sounds like an incredibly fabulous one!
  6. OMG shoegal! You're beating me! 5 RM's and you started your RM addiction like what 2 weeks ago? I'm impressed!!!

    I'm jealous you have 4 BBAGS on the way. I may have to come rob you!

    Now missy, you know you can't say you have 9 bags on the way and not tell us which ones! Do share:nuts::nuts:
  7. ooh and where did you get the emerald MAB?!

    I'm still waiting on mine from Funkylala but its on backorder.... i haven't been able to find it elsewhere...AND I WANT IT NOW SOOO BADLY
  8. Good lord, woman! Did you pay full price for all those bags? Why so many at once!?
  9. nmarcus,daphodill84, desiprinzess718: This is the bad part lets see if I can remember:thinking: them all hehehehe; Here goes;
    Rm Wine Nikki
    RM Night Blue Nikki
    RM MAB yellow -already returned
    RM MAM - Tangerine
    RM MAB- Evergreem
    Then I want the RM MAB basket weave or crackle bottom but I might jsut hold off for the sample sale.

    Bubblegum Pink Day
    Le NM (blue) City
    Black money wallet
    Magenta Money wallet

    desiprinzess718: I think it evergreen it's an older RM bag someone posted about it from Ann and I jumped on it really only because of the leopard lining which I am nuts for! Ann told me that the bag is new!!

    nanashimara: I usually never pay retail on the bags. This batch only the Nikki wine was full price. I bought the Balencaiga at the NM sale, and the RM with codes.
  10. Good for you, nice work!! Now, will you keep all of them... or return, or sell? I asked this of someone else who had like 6 RM bag, just curious. ;)
  11. It jsut depends whether I like them when I get them in person. SOme Balenciaga I end up not liking for me and I am still udnecided on RM I know I love th Nikki so I willf or sure keep those and I like the mini so it will just be the color decision.

  12. wow woman! you did well! The evergreen is the studded MAM that came out in Fall07 Resort Collection. If it has the leopard lining, then it is the EMERALD. Which IMO is MUCH HOTTER than the EVERGREEN! I don't like the studded hardware...

    Is the NM sale still going on or is it over?! I should buy a bal and the money wallet too!
  13. THE NM sale ended yesterday :crybaby:It was almost liek getting the wallet free or for $200 less it was a great deal!
  14. ^^oh that sucks! optikangel PM'd me the number to the SA she talked to, and i totally didn't have time to call. I feel bad:crybaby:

  15. It was a great sale but honestly try to find one on ebay that is broken in and a little under retail.:tup: