is it called the novacheck?

  1. Is it called the novacheck still if it's in blue?
    If i want to buy one at an outlet, do you think they'll be out of the ones from the recent sale if i go two weeks from now? Where else can i buy the blue one?
  2. Do you mean the dark blue check with the bright red stripe running through it? That's not called Nova Check, it has another name, although I don't recall it right now, sorry...
    Regina :confused1:
  3. I found out the the blue check is referred to as "Brit Check" but I don't know whether that is the official name.
    Regina :confused1:
  4. If you mean the light blue one that came out alongside the pink one a few years ago it's called the Bluebell Check:
  5. Awww, that bag is so cute. :sad:

    The Bluebell check design is gorgeous. Pretty refreshing from the traditional novacheck design.