Is it?? Blueberry Spy bag!


Mar 24, 2006
:confused1: :confused1:
Here's the pic that's on the Saks website. There are none available, but maybe?? just maybe...they're getting them in soon??:wtf: :wtf: :drool:

Is this the Blueberry Spy we've been waiting for??:shrugs:

I hope..:drool:


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I just got off the phone with Saks.
The lady said this is the new color for the upcoming season...
None available right now..:shrugs:
I could have sworn because it looks so similar to the blueberry B bag hobo.:drool:
I love that color. I might just have to get it when it comes out. hehehe. Then it'll be my first time ever buying the same bag in different colors. Seeing you gurls' spy collections don't help. hehehe
Hmm, that's the exact same pic that used for the F/W 05 petrol spy. That doesn't mean there isn't a blueberry color spy coming out, but that pic is definitely not of the new blueberry spy bag.