Is it Black or Plomb?

  1. Ive got a First but i have no idea whether its a BLACK OR PLOMB?
    and i really wanna know, cos if its PLOMB i want a BLACK.
    Hmm, anyone help?

    The tag says 2007 3 103208 D941T 203
  2. Hi,if you can, post pics please? so will be able to help you more.
  3. What's wrong with plomb? Dont you like it? I have a black City and a plomb CP and I love them both, so versatile!!
  4. Here it is
  5. I think its plomb but wait for more opinions please.
  6. Actually, that one looks black to me.
  7. i think black as well... look closely at the zipper, and the lacing on the handle... is it black or grey?
  8. I think it is a black. I went to the thread Erica pointed out & a good point was brought up, the zipper tape is grey for plomb & yours look totally black. Your leather however do look not as saturated, it is quite a light black so I am guessing that is why you think it is not black. :confused1:
  9. Yeah the black is indeed light but the handles are pure black, so its black?
  10. if the fabric on the zipper and the lacing on handles is black then it's black!
  11. OK so it is black, THANKS YOU GUYS.
  12. that's a gorgeous black first! Enjoy!!! I have plomb and black and yours is surely black as others have already noted!
  13. i wouldnt even think twice about that possibly being plomb - MY black city can look dark gray sometimes (so i know how black can be confusing) but your first definitely looks 100% black :yes:
  14. Def black. Beautiful.