Is it better to purchase a French Co. Speedy or Newer version?

  1. i don't know the price, but it's a gorgeous vintage. i love this style, love the lock
  2. I paid 350US for mine and it is in mint condition.
  3. I was told, depending on the condition of it, anywhere between $250.00 to $300.00.:smile:
  4. Is it better to buy a vintage or the newer models? Addictedtolv was kind enough to tell me that French Company can replace the handles for only $40!! Here is my train of thought:

    Newer speedies- Pros: They are newer and won't be dull (I don't know if vintage ones are dull). I'd be paying about the same price for a used newer version as a good condition vintage. Cons: Correct me if I am wrong... but the newer speedies seem to have a tendency to get noticably darker where the handles are held (at the top) than the rest of the handles after only 2-3 years of use (info based on ebay auctions I've seen). I'm not a fan of noticably darker handles in that area because it seems to let everyone know my hands sweat a lot =P and I plan to keep the bag for a long time so I want it to last and not look that way after only a few years. If it did that after maybe 10 years it would be ok. Oh and replacing handles at lv now costs $150 I believe and it will likely be as much as $200 later on.

    Vintage Speedy Specifically French Company: Pros- Once again correct me if I am wrong but the leather handles are treated so they are more hardy and will not turn darker at the top where it is held unless it is used for A LOOOONG time. It may be better made? Less sag? Hnadle replacement is only $40. Cons: It is older and the newer style seems to look better. I'm not sure I like how the tab does not say "Louis Vuitton Made in...." I think it is just a blank tag.

    Ahhh why do I obsess over these things so much! Drives everyone around me crazy! =D So what is everyone's opinion? Feel free to let me know your own pros and cons or any advice you may have. =)
  5. :yes:
  6. I think it's nice owning a French Co speedy. They are a part of history and look a little different from the speedy bags that are produced now days. If you can find one in a great condition - GO FOR IT! You can always add a more recent speedy to your collection later.;)
  7. Well said. If your not bidding on that French Co. Speedy I am!

    Well nvm.. I dont have $157, I have 50 cents :shrugs:. Wait nvm I looked at my wallet I only have a quarter..

  8. There is less sag on the French Co. speedies because of the strip down the middle, and the LVs will be right side up on both sides since it's made from two pieces of canvas.

    Personally, I prefer the Louis Vuitton ones - I just like the vachetta trimming more than the treated leather.
  9. Well, if you like the FC bags that speedy you won looks like it's in fabulous condition, and at a great price!

    Personally, I prefer the international speedies. I like the vachetta and I like that there's no leather on the bottom so that it does sag a bit.
  10. i vote for french co. can't resist vintage
  11. I love the lock on vintage speedy but not fan of the handles. I prefer vachetta handles. I wonder if LV will remake speedy with vintage look.
  12. Personally I'm a fan of the french. co speedies, I love the vintage look and the fact that they sag less.
  13. I purchased a new Speedy from the boutique and just couldn't get used to it... I'm sure the reason was because my first LV was a French Company Speedy 30 many years ago. The new one just didn't do it for me. I like my LV's to stand right side up on both sides. I like the leather strip down the middle of the bottom of the FC Speedy which acts as a stablizer against the droop. I even like the darker handles on the FC Speedy though I do like the brass attachments better on the newer purse. I'm different. I know. But to me a French Company Speedy is the way to go! If only I could land a French Company Speedy 35 in excellent condition.... One day, I'm sure it will happen. That Speedy on auction is beautiful! Here's my baby:
  14. That vintage Speedy is in great condition. Good price too.. if you can get it for $300 I think it would be a fab deal.

    It's LV and it's vintage.. can't get any better than that!