Is it better to have....

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  1. Is it best to have a neutral color (black/brown) wallet and wristlet to have to go with a lot of purses or have wallets/wristlets to match your current love? I have a lot of trouble deciding on this!! Also, what do you all think of the MFF Gallery tote in crimson??
  2. I prefer colorful wallets and wristlets. I have lightpink/khaki heritage stripe ziparound wallet and metallic blue, silver, pink small ziparound wallets. I like to see lots of pretty colors when I open my bag. So my accessories do not always match my bags.

    I own the MFF Gallery Tote in patent crinkled leather plum(purple) and love it. The red crimson is very pretty and seems more structured and smooth leather.

    Enjoy! Get colors that work for you.
  3. None of my wristlets or wallets match any of my bags. I like it this way. I like variety and also pretty colors. All my bags are black or brown so I use colorful insides to brighten it up a bit.

  4. ita!
  5. That was the one thing that I did not like about the MFF gallery tote in did seem a lot more stiff than the other bags (even the graphite with the embossed C design). I tend to like a bag that is a little softer so that it kind of "molds" to you.....
  6. I actually just bought a black medium sized Coach wallet from the store yesterday. I figured if my wallet is in neutral color, I can match it with any color.
  7. color, color, color ..... matchy matchy is boring:sad:
  8. Hi,
    I love wallets!!! I usally go for color and not matching my handbags. I have a few that do match. Besides Coach wallets, I have Hobo International, Ted Baker and Lodis wallets as well. I do love variety!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  9. I have different colors and sizes. That way I know where everything is. Nothing matches but I rarely have to hunt through my bag for stuff.
  10. I go for different colors as well. My wallet is a semi-metallic graphite color, ocelet coin purse and a lilac colored zippy. The wallet and coin purse sort of match and seem to go well with all my purses but I love the added color of my zippy. It makes everything really easy to find!
  11. Color!!! Plus if it's in a print I really like, I can get the smaller accessory with out feeling guilty for buying another purse!
  12. I like different colors too. As stated above by desirella it makes it easy to find. That is why I like the bright lining in addition the the diff. color wallets and wristlets because you aren't looking down in the black abyss to find your wallet, etc.
  13. As much as I'd love to have several wallets that would mix-match with several of my bags I don't. There are several reasons that I stick to a select few wallets and wristlets. I don;t like to change out wallets...what a PIA! I have one of those small MFF leather wallets that just folds in 1/2 and snaps. Looks alot like the small Madison clutch wallets. Mines a nice rich bright magenta/pink and I figure it's always FUN to have a POP of pink anywear. Then with my wristlets (although I do tend to collect them more) I'm VERY PARTICULAR about what I want/need in a wristlet. I have 2 main ones that I use and yes they are neutral's. Both are legacy leather, one in black and one in grey!!!
  14. I like color so I carry a crimson Madison patent checkbook wallet, an MFF teal mini-skinny, the crimson Madison Op Art wristlet, and a Pop C wristlet. Neither do I like switching out wallets and wristlets because it is too costly and time-consuming. Rather spend the money on the bag.
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    Sometimes I like to match and sometimes I don't. I go through spells where I want everything coordinated "just so", and then 2 weeks later I want all my accessories to be different! For months now I have been using my small turquoise leather Kristin wallet with every bag I carry. I have the matching Kristin tote but don't use it much, so the only time it really matches is when I'm carrying the tote too. I like looking into my bag and seeing a variety of colors in all my Coach gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside :blush:
    I know, I know...I have a sickness! I'm not alone though, right....?