Is it better to have an iconic but common bag or a not-so-common bag?

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Do you prefer...

  1. the iconic but common bag

  2. the less common, recognizable bag

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  1. I have just read the "compliment" thread.. and i am just wondering, in your opinion, which is better...

    to have an iconic bag like speedy but a lot of people have them... (regardless of which style)
    to have a less common bag such as duomo, knightsbridge, mahattan etc, so you stand out?
  2. That's a really tough choice...I love my speedy, but I also love my lodge which I haven't seen others wearing yet!
  3. I love the less common bags, but by iconic I think of Audry Hepburn in her heyday standing for the pic with her Louis Vuitton Lockit Luggage. Which by the way I believe came out in what was it 1958? or 63? something like that. And now they've redone the lockit........AUG.1ST. CAN'T COME FAST ENOUGH!!!!!
  4. Todays not so common LV = Tommorows Classic LV!
  5. I'm not sure.. I think a serious bag fan would have both in their collection anyways !
  6. I prefer the classics, so I tend to lean toward the very classic iconic bags that have stood the test of time.
  7. I agree!:yes: But I also like my bags to be "in your face" type of bags!:nuts:
  8. My favorite LV bag right now is my Damier Saleya PM, which is far less commonly seen, but I'm confident it will become a classic. :yes:
  9. Hmmm...thinking with my brain, I'd choose the common iconic bag because it usually works with everything forever. Thinking with my heart, I'd choose the not-so-common bag because I love it, it works with many things and I'm willing to make it work when necessary.;)
  10. It's a toss up cause sometimes I like some that fall in the 1st category and sometimes the 2nd category. I tend to just get bags that I like.
  11. WOW! I've never thought of this before but I agree with you COMPLETELY! :wlae:
    I also voted for the not so common bags cuz they just stand out so much more!:yahoo: I don't think I'll ever get a although it's more affordable (mono canvas/damier), there's just too many fakes around, and I just don't like the shape. Each individual is unique, so everyone deserves a bag of their own.
  12. As long as it's cute, beautiful or dropdead gorgeous I could care less if anybody else does or does not have it. I just have to love it.
  13. Funny you asked this question... I have been looking for a new bag and just couldn't make up my mind. I wanted the UNcommon bag! Finally gave up and bought another Speedy 30 :lol: (had a brand new one and gave it to my mom). This time I bought a used one as I just don't care for the brand new vachetta.

    I love them all. :love:
  14. Hmmmmmmm. Good question. Since I love classic bags I don't terribly mind seeing that bag elsewhere. I just don't like seeing fakes of my classic authentics everywhere. :rant:

    On the other hand, I love having that "not so common bag" too.
  15. I'm with ya all the way!! I hope so too. :flowers:
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