Is it better to buy LV at Saks or Bloomingdales?


Jan 20, 2008
New England
I am asking this because I have heard a lot of negative things about trying to return an item purchased at a LV boutique (a bag that's defective, etc.). With all the quality issues I've read about, I'm worried about purchasing from the boutique - I'm afraid that if I get a defective bag that starts to show like a month down the line (I take EXCELELNT care of ALL of my bags), and I try to return it, they will give me a hard time.

So I guess what I'm wondering is if it would be better to buy from a dept. store like Saks or Bloomingdales in case if I need to return the bag - I've read that people have had less problems returning purchases at these stores.

I would appreciate any input! TIA :smile:


Dec 17, 2011
I just made a purchase today in a Saks it was great. I acquired my 2nd LV the Vernis Brea MM in Blanc Corail...I just love it. Not that I'm expecting to return it, but I 've heard similar stories about returns. I can say that I had a friend that bought a bag in Las Vegas and exchanged it for 2 different bags at the same Saks. I really think it depends on each individual store. I would recommend before buying it, to inspect it thouroughly in front of the SA before they package it for you. Good luck.


Sep 19, 2008
Lone Star State
I have never had one issue returning anything at LV, even after waiting a full month I was given the full amount (nearly $5000.00 in once particular case) back on my cc verses the store credit they are supposed to give if it's over 14 days. I think it really does depend on the boutique and the relationship you have with your SA.


Sep 20, 2011
So far I've bought two bags at Saks. The customer service was great, but I haven't returned anything there. I did return one bag at the LV in Macy's within 14 days with no problem.
Feb 29, 2008
Arizona, USA
I just made my 2nd purchase from the LV at Saks in Phoenix, AZ, and it was a pleasure. The SA even gave me a repair quote over the phone, which they never typically do. I find them to be nicer and more helpful than the Scottsdale, AZ associates, IMO.


Mar 26, 2010
I find that most of the department store LV SA's are much nicer to work with than the boutique SA's!


Handbag Connoisseur
Feb 7, 2009
I'd say it depends on if your a cardholder, I know you can earn points and incentives if you are verses just earning interest

They, to me anyway, have always been more lenient with the return policy. I usually have 30days---regardless; not just the normal two wks.

I shopped there(neimans and SAKS) only until about two years ago when a store opened in my area. I also shopped at one over the phone and in another state....because there were no SAKS or neimans here either.

It worked for me. You can build a good relationship anywhere, don't let someone else's bad result affect your decision. Try it and if you don't like it, then go someplace. You don't have to pay for bad service


Jan 8, 2012
New York
I have bought bags at both the LV boutique in the mall and the LV boutique in Bloomingdales. The boutique in Bloomingdales opperates independently of the store but I still find the SA's friendlier and the atmosphere more relaxed! However, I had a issue with the lining of my damier speedy bleeding on my light items and the LV at the mall was very accommodating.