Is it better to buy from Saks 5th Ave or Gucci boutique?

  1. Is it better to buy at the boutique for warranty purposes (replacements, repairs) or it doesn't matter as long as it's an authorized retailer like Saks or Nieman Marcus?

    I ask because the bag that I want is at Saks and not at the Gucci boutique in Chicago.

  2. I believe you will have to have any repairs done via Saks if that's where you buy it. From there they send it off to Gucci for you to have it repaired. Save your receipt! Gucci boutiques will likely not accept your bag for repairs if you didn't buy from them.
  3. I don't know Sak's rules exactly shaggy, but in European dept stores the rules of the dept store tend take precedence.

    It's true both have different rules eg Gucci stores do not offer a full refund (only an exchange before 14 days) but large dept stores might do - but the waranty is part of Gucci's guarantee of quality as far as I know and should honour their commitments wherever you bought so long as it is Gucci-made.

    I would Saks AND Gucci for details of the implications of purchasing via the dept store rather than from Gucci directly.

    I know you didn't ask about returns but I will add: shop where ever you are happy and comfortable just be warned that it's difficult to mix the two, if you buy at a Gucci store you cannot return the items for an exchange to a dept store and vice versa.

    Don't forget that you can call your usual Gucci store and give them the model no of the bag you like thay can order it in so long as it's current season's stock :biggrin:
  4. Actually, my fiance told me that Gucci boutique has a 10 day return policy and 30 day exchange policy. It's not a all sales final store. And he also mentioned that the warranty can be taken through them and that they often make exceptions such as free repair/replacements.
  5. In reading this, this is a tough one. I had seen a black leather Gucci bag over a year ago in BG that Gucci didn't have. At that time I bought it and returned it because I had too many expenses and shouldn't have spent the money on that bag. Long story short, over a year later I bought the very same bag in gray at Gucci. Gucci informs me they repair their own bags. However, if you buy it out of their company store, it is the responsibility of that store to repair it.

    I say go with your heart and think optimistically that you don't forsee anything going wrong! Ironically, I found this info out because the bag I have has gold horsebit hardware and I was concerned over time, and the elements of weather, the gold might tarnish. Gucci said since I bought the bag from them they would stand behind the bag as long as I keep the receipt.

    Good luck in your decision!
  6. Hmmm....some weeks back, i sent my gucci ladies web for repair, bought it in Milan @ a gucci store and had it fixed for free from the gucci store in vancouver...i'm pretty sure they will fix the bag as long as it's authentic gucci...the Holt Renfrew branch told me that they would have to charge me a small fee to send the bag in, since they were under holt renfrew and not gucci...=.=
  7. Actually, all UK Gucci reciepts from Gucci stoes state:

    "should your purchase be be deemed unsuitable , you are invited to return your goods in their original condition along with this proof of purchase within 15 days for an exchange"

    Perhaps it's different in the US but not in Europe
  8. I just want to add that is a wonderful policy!!! In the BV thread, it states that if you buy a bag from Bottega Veneta IT IS NOT returnable! - Must be why it is taking me so long to make a purchase! I just love having the assurance of knowing that when I bring the bag home, I can change my mind!

  9. thats not true, gucci repairs their own product no matter where you buy it, its free within 1 year(receipt needed) , after that you have to pay and they dont need a receipt for that.

    to the OP:
    it doesnt matter where you buy it from, but saks tends to have better sales on bags