Is it best just to get it over with?

  1. I am tired of obsessing over the bags I really it best just to buy them so I can move on or am I just kidding myself? Is it never ending? It all started with one LV purchase in Boston and now all I want is more.:upsidedown:

    I've decided there are a couple bags I just have to have so I think next week I am going to take a trip to LV in SF so I don't have to think about them anymore!!!

    On my short list is...

    Lockit PM in black (this is a maybe)
    Le Fabuleux - white must have
    Damier Papillon or Duomo (must have one in this collection)

    I plan to stop in Chanel and Gucci as well. :nuts:

    I really need a black everyday bag.....any suggestions?

    Maybe my next obsession will be easier on the budget....I sure hope so!
  2. IMO, if you go for it and get all the ones you are obsessing about you will definitely find something else in the future you just 'have' to have. :yes:
  3. IMO, Go down to the store and check out all the bags on ur wish list, that way you get to see them IRL and also try them on, then i'm pretty sure there will be one you love more than the others! lol!
    Good Luck!
  4. Yes, you're right, that's why I am so excited to go!!!

    I'm the kind of person who goes through phases of obsessions. I am just coming through a watch and pendant obsession. I moved onto bags but I've spent more time obsessing over bags than I did on the combination of both watches and pendants. I think if I can get a few bags that I love I won't think about it as much.....only when a really nice bag comes along. That's my justification anyway!

    Anyone else like this??
  5. My thoughts exactly, there is no getting over the want for these things, I find it good to want things personally and like to spread my purchases out....I know I will only want more if I buy everything on my current list and it kinda takes some of the fun out of the experience for me...When I buy at least a little something every month or so it keeps me happy and I don't feel bad like I'm being too excessive, but that's just me.....
  6. But do you already have a collection base? I have a ton of very nice bags, but once you step up to a designer bag, there is no going back. So in my mind I really only have 2 bags because I refuse to go back to my old bags! :P I am tired of wearing the same bags all the time so I figured if I purchased a few of the basics, I could take a break and only indulge myself occassionaly for special bags. Am I making any sense??? :nuts:

  7. I am so like this! First I had an obsession with watches, then shoes, then costume jewelry, now this! I spend ALOT of time obsessing over bags, and I initially just wanted to replace my two bags with one bag, to streamline, but now I have more bags! And I still want more! Oh well.:hysteric:
  8. I'd definitely get the pieces you wanted..if you've had them on your mind for this long, it's safe to bet that you won't be forgetting them anytime soon.
  9. It's never ending and grows worse with each purchase, at least it does in my case. As for the black everyday bag, epi Soufflot is a great bag and it's barrel shaped like the papillon.
  10. yes, let me raise my hand over here... i am like you too! :roflmfao:
    i get obsessed with something and it takes over. when i first came to this forum i went crazy buying bags. i sold 2 i really didn't need and thought i wouldn't use long term and kept the ones i really :heart: 'ed. I am now over the obsessing because i just bought them all at once to get my obsessing out of the way!
    i don't think about other bags now and just come to the pf to see what all the super cool pf'ers in here are doing.
  11. oh me me me!!! i'm just like you, obsess with shoes, watches(now not so much), clothing and now bags! i get big satisfaction if i'm able to get them. but that sometimes max out my platinum card!!!:wtf: thank god my DH is the one who's paying:graucho:

    bag is never enough!!!
  12. oh, me me me!!! i'm just like you. obsess with shoes, watches(now not so much), clothing and BAGS! i get big satisfaction if i'm able to get them:shame: but sometimes it max out my platinum cc:wtf: thank god my DH is the one paying:graucho:
    bags will never be enough for me! i'm a bag freak:lol:
  13. Funny thread, but so true for me too! I believed in building up a "base" in terms of function (so get different bags for work, going out, everyday, etc.), but now I'm trying to build up a "base" for all my favorite brands. It seriously NEVER ends. I have already lined up my next 2-3 bag purchases and can only afford one of them this year. My list used to change a lot but has remained pretty constant these days...
  14. I go from obsession to obsession too.. so I think I give in to every one a little bit and then that way, I get some satisfaction out of it but I at least have money for the next one ! And I find that my tastes change often so buying everything at once may not be the happiest thing for me to do personally if I change my mind later about it anyways.
  15. Ummm, to tell you the truth, if you CAN hold yourself back then you'd better not buy ANY Louis Vuittons, cuz the addiction's just gonna get worse and worse! haha but who am I kidding, LVs are irresistable! Shop til you drop!