is it becoming slow on EBay or Am i just imagining things!

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  1. Guys

    I have alot of listings on ebay but no one seems to buy anything despite of my 100% feedback and good prices

    what do you think? is the slow economy still affecting us! is ebay loosing its appeal? i am starting to loose patience and hope!!!! :'(
  2. I think its been slow for a long time. I have had any bids on items I listed for .99. :confused1:
  3. Something I've learned to be best sellers are seasonal items. For instance, not many people are looking for a tank top in October, if you catch my meaning. Try selling seasonal items and you should get more interest.
  4. ^Good post.
  5. its been slow for buyers to purchase and pay
    but unpaid buyers are up! i've been getting messages from buyer after the unpaid case opens trying to make up excuses to get out of it.
  6. Yea, it is easy to lose patience. I've had to relist some things 3 times before they sold.
  7. Where have you been for the past two years? That's when it started to slow down significantly for most of the people who post here and those I've talked to.
  8. The free auction listings have helped dilute the market even further. When things finally do sell they are bringing nowhere near what they were a year or so ago. That plus the huge leap in FVF on auctions have really hurt!
  9. I agree OP, it's gotten slower and slower. I had three perfectly beautiful Valentino bags up this past week. All styles that would have been snatched up just a few short months ago. My prices were reasonable, my feedback is impeccable, yet NO BIDS! WTF?!
  10. It's probably one of the slowest periods I've ever seen.

    I know that many of the more experienced sellers say it really started to tank, price wise, about 2 years ago, and it has continued to decline more each month.

    Sales are usually dead in the fall, but pick up slightly before the holidays. Last Xmas for me, however, was one of the worst sales periods EVER on Ebay. And with the free listings through the Xmas period this year, I don't expect it to be much better. Sad.
  11. Agreed! I have a Chanel up now and it's $400 less that it's closest competitor and $1,000 less than it's highest, but still nobody is buying. How come when I want to buy I have to pay top dollar and when I want to sell I have to practically give things away? eBay is so infuriating sometimes.
  12. It's always been slow with *bay. Ah.
  13. some sellers on ebay are contantly breaking their promises, so a lot of consumers lose hope on ebay accordingly.
  14. S-l-o-w. :sad:
  15. Agreed. It is very slow currently, yes; however, this is not a new thing. Once the economy went and people panicked, everything slowed down. This includes eBay.

    Again, agreed. Aside from the numerous ways sellers can now be scammed on eBay, the fees are enough to make me want to hide under my bed.

    You are incorrect. There once was a time where selling on eBay was not only a good experience but fetched fair market value for items. eBay has not always been slow, so I'm not sure when you started selling.