Is it bad to store your LV bags in its original box?

  1. After browsing around, I came across some threads in this forum and the member(s) were saying that it's bad to store your LV in the box...because it can cause the leather to crack in the long run etc...something like that. Is this true or just a myth?:confused1:

    Is it better to store your LVs in the dustbag and box or just the dustbag alone?

    I stored mine in its original dustbags and boxes...and my bags looks fine. Now I'm worried.
  2. Yeah it's only recommended to store them in the dustbags so the leather can breathe. Putting them in the box as well cuts off the air circulation and can cause cracking.
  3. I've got my speedies stored in their dust bags in a larger purse drawer that I often go thru and pick out purses to use. But it's not air tight.
  4. i put my lv's in dustbag :smile:
  5. That's what I was told as well. I ended up getting rid of my boxes because of that. It also helped with space!
  6. I have my multicolor keepall and reg mono keepall in their dust bags in there boxes... BUT they are in the boxes with a LID that has a slit in the top, you know... so I am okay there.