Is it bad to only like one style of bag?? Carly

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  1. I have 2 Medium Carly's and a Soho Hobo and just got the Chelsea Optic Hobo. Well I love both of the hobos, but not nearly as much as the Carly. So my sister's friend is buying the Optic Hobo off of me and the multi print hobo is going on ebay. I really would rather have more Carlys in different colors and patterns than bags that are just so-so for me. Is this a bad thing though to have all Carly's until something else comes along that I like just as much? Will I regret selling these 2 bags to have a change of style if I need?
  2. There is nothing wrong with only wanting one style of bag right now. The Carly is a great bag. You should only buy and carry what you LOVE!
  3. Thanks Llblue. I thought the same thing because they will all be different colors and still look different enough..right? And I already know I love this style.
  4. I LOVE the Carly!!! That is my favorite bag of all time, so I have it a few different colors too. :P I always go back to that one! Go for it!
  5. Oh Yeah... You can definately do the same bag in different colors. When you find that something (like a pair of shoes) that feels so comfortable to you, why not get one in every color!!:P
  6. Another Carly lover here! I wish they would make more options for us crazy Carly lovin girls!!!
  7. That is so totally me!!! I am sooooo boring. I buy multiples in shoes, clothes, so why not the Carly too!! LoL I just feel like I will get alot more use out of Carly than the hobos.
  8. I was thinking of selling my XL black leather soho hobo because I bought a black belted large ergo and they were sort of similar. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I got it out to take pictures and my heart started sinking. Enstead, I put some Apple moisturizer on it and put a scarf and charm and placed it on my chest of drawers so I can look at it. lol I love it still. But if your soho hobos don't make your heart pitter-pat anymore, by all means sell it and get something that does!
  9. Agreed. I wish you had the option to choose if you want nickel or brass hardware with each bag. And also I love the Khaki Optic Carly, but why can't it have the natural colored straps like the lighter Optic one? They definitely need more options.
  10. I love the Carly! That being said, I am not a huge fan of owning a bunch of bags, especially the same just in different colors, but if you want to, go for it! :tup: It is about what you love and want to wear, and nobody else! If you are going to go gaga for a bag the Carly is totally worthy! :drool: :tup:
  11. fieldsinspring.. I am not really wanting a bunch of bags either because I don't think they will get used enough for what they cost. I also am a stay at home mother and can't justify a ton of bags here especially since you can only use one at a time. I just want a couple options. I love the pink multi print but I don't think I will use it enough and feel I can get something that will go better with more. I have 2 sig Carlys so I know I want the metallic cause I feel like this can be a little dressier than the 2 sigs or dressed down.

  12. I totally agree with this, and for something I LOVE, I have even purchased a back up item on occasion (in case I ruin the first one)!
  13. Well, I have 8 Ali's and do not regret it at all since they aren't making it anymore. I have 7 pairs of boots same style different colors (happen to match my Ali's :yahoo:) several duplicate pairs of shoes. I have 2 Bridgits for formal/conservative occasions. Liking one style has curbed my spending. I haven't seen anything else that I'd be happy with.
  14. Hee Hee! I buy clothes to go with my 4 Carlys:roflmfao:
  15. LOL :smile:

    OP it's not bad to like one style! I am a Black Purse girl mainly!

    I like to buy one of each style (that I like of course)

    I have a demi, a duffle, a tote, bleecker flap (soon), and a hobo! So one of each! yay lol