is it bad to deal w/ 2 different associates from the same company?

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  1. but in different locations?
    i'm kinda cheating? i suppse?
  2. Why? Because you're trying to get the best deal for yourself?
    I don't think that's bad, I think it's clever.
    You're not cheating on them're just doing business, just like them. ;)
  3. I've felt like that sometimes too.
  4. no prob if 2 different locations, actually, it should never be a prob for you (or for me!) but, since i know all of the SAs at Saks and NM in the Chanel dept., sometimes it gets sticky.....the way I handle it is "one sale for you and one for her and one for that one and one for this one..." LOL (this is over a period of time.....)
    then they feel like i'm not favoring any (unless one does such outstanding service that she/he DESERVES to be the fave SA!)

    for instance, Grace at the NM in Ft. lauderdale will ALWAYS be the only one i deal with...they don't even have a Chanel purse dept there but she goes out of her way to find Chanel bags for customers, me included, by calling NMs that do!
  5. You can work with whoever you want. Generally I have one person at each store I frequent, but if they aren't there, I have no problem asking someone else. But most of the time they are there because I'm a creature of habit and go the same day, same time, all the time.
  6. I had that problem. I dealt with a lady back in Dec. and I wanted to go back to her when I bought my flap but I kept calling and she was never there so I just went with someone else.
  7. I felt guilty too.. but not too long after.. i ended up buying from my trusty old SA too! :love:
  8. I don't really care. At the end of the day it's YOUR money at stake. I just think of what's best for me. They have other customers they can make commission from. These days, I only buy from one trusty SA at Saks because I have a Saks CC and hopefully I can reach VIC if I stay at Saks. (Not to mention, Saks wonderful rewards program that kick any rewards program's butts)
  9. In what way? Why do you think it's cheating?
  10. I feel guilty about this too but sometimes, it just has to be done.
  11. i don't think you should feel guilty. SA is to help you, rather than causing you troubles. Meaning you deserve whoever can help you. I had one incident that I ordered with 1 SA, but she could careless about my order, and never got back to me about the the order status or anything, so I called the store again, and talked to another super nice SA, and she tried all the way to get me free expedited shipping to find that same item.

    And you know which bag I picked at the end :smile: