Is it bad that I...

  1. ..."feel up" up wine Matinee everytime I pass it by:shame:?
  2. Dude, you're a PERV! But its okay! Hee hee
  3. Bag molester! That's ok, my Eggplant MAM slept in my bed the first night.
  4. ^HAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Mine slept on my dresser next to me!
  5. You Bag Ho's!!!

    Of course, I never smell leather in the night.......:nogood:

  6. Harlots! I would never stoop to something like...give mine a hug....

  7. You guys all need to be documented in the "Bag Crimes" offender database!!
  8. I've had my GEspresso Matinee for almost a month now but when I go to relatives' houses and it's across the room from me, I stare at it like a lovesick puppy...
  9. I smell mine! What? You know you do too!
  10. What??? Who would do something so strange. (As she sits gently stroking a MAB in Glazed Espresso)
  11. Muhahahahahahahaha!!!! :devil:
  12. hmmm, can you get arrested for that?
  13. ^yeah, i think its definitely an infraction!